Industar 50-2
Last summer I had a chance to use a wonderful M42 screw mount lens from my uncle’s (unfortunately) long retired Zenit 35mm camera on my Nikon D7000.

It was an old Industar 50-2, a 50mm f/3.5 prime made in the USSR in the late 1970′s, around the time when i was born. Optically, a copy of the much more famous Tessar by Zeiss, Industar 50-2 used to be shipped as a kit lens with various SLR’s made at the time.

I had never looked through this lens before, although I had smiled at it many times – most of my childhood pictures were taken by my uncle. Mounting the lens on my camera felt somewhat like assembling a time machine.

After snapping pictures of everything i could lay my eyes on for the following 5 – 10 minutes, as the schedule was pretty tight, I was really looking forward to seeing what the RAW’s looked like on the computer screen. And oh was I surprised by the images this tiny Russian “pancake” made, especially by the quality of bokeh and the way it rendered colors. It did lack a lot of contrast (some scratches on the front glass and quite a bit of internal dust had a lot to do with this), but I took care of it in post, trying not to affect the colors much, or not at all.

Quite happy with the set here, I already got myself one of these little giants not long after that day.

I hope you all enjoy viewing, and leave some comments!
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