Occupy Fountains Ride - 11/10/11
This Columbus Day, instead of celebrating the mass genocide of American Indians, Time’s Up! chose to discover the new world... of bonus plazas! About two dozen cyclists participated in Time’s Up’s
Third Annual Fountain Ride. Inspired by the Occupation of Wall Street, this year’s ride 11/10/11 was renamed the Occupy Fountains Ride.

According to city zoning, many of New York City's fountains are privately owned, public spaces. They are part of bonus plazas, such as Zuccotti Park, where Occupy Wall Street is highlighting that these bonus plazas are open to the public for multiple uses. For years now, Time's Up! has been highlighting that one obvious use for a public fountain is swimming: assembling in a public space, using it to its fullest, and having fun.

“They are supposed to be accessible to the public," notes Times Up! member Benjamin Shepard, whose book, The Beach Beneath the Streets, considers the contested nature of these spaces. " Yesterday, we swam freely at most parks. Children jumped in to join us and onlookers applauded from the sidelines. One tourist said that seeing us in one of these fountains made his whole trip to New York worth while. The power of these public spaces is undeniable, from Zuccotti Park up to the fountains along sixth ave."
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