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Octagon | by Anna Overseas
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The view looking down into Clifford's Tower.


Back in the 11th Century, the Tower was the site of a horrible massacre. The Jewish population of York was being persecuted, and fled to the tower (or Castle, as I believe it was called then) in order to escape. Entire families with their belonging were inside when the mob coming to get them pounded on the door. They demanded the Jews either convert to Christianity and give up all their goods and money, or die.


They chose to die.


Fathers killed their wives and children, and then killed each other, until only the Rabbi was left to kill himself. (Or so I was told - in retrospect, how do they know?)


When the mob finally burst into the tower, they found the bloody remains of the Jews, with all their wordly possessions burning.


The mob left the fire to burn, and that was the first destruction of what became known as Clifford's Tower.

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Uploaded on February 1, 2006