2005 Paris Airshow
Le Brequet, Le Salon de Aeronautique.

Great? Yes.... Good show ? Totally Excellent! Hot?.... yes awfully....

The Paris Airshow is held on the uneven years, 2003, 2005 ect, Farnborough is held on the even years...

I hadn't been to Paris in years but I love the Paris airshow. I want to go back to Paris but I really need to learn French....

I understand some but..... well..... I NEED to learn French

hmm.... or get a French girlfriend ;-)

Tech Data,

Canon 300D with kitlens and with Canon 75-300mm turning it into a 120-480 mm (this is the '97 cheapo version no usm)
Due to the astounding good weather I shot almost everything 100 iso.
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