Self Portraits
From the age 16 I have drawn numerous self portraits. Along with these drawings I sporadically kept a diary in an almost desperate struggle to make meaning out of the conflicts in my life. Looking back on that visual record, I realize I have an intriguing account of my perceptions of myself and of my own inner development.

The exercise of self portraiture --especially during my transition into young adulthood --helped me to gain a sense of participation and control in my developmental process (this aspect of self portraiture could have therapeutic value). In addition it helped me initiate affirmative self examination and inner dialog. I believe it also heightened my empathy for others as well as my powers of sensitivity. And, besides the above psychological benefits, the exercise of "self imaging" stretched and enhanced my skills of artistic observation.

For fun, do a Google Image search on self-portraits by Rembrandt and Van Gogh.
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