World VGC Rally 2010
Tibenham was chosen for a Second time to host this prestigious event, the last time back in 2000 - Being a member of the Gliding Club I thought it appropriate that such an Album should be set up - I hope you agree ?
With grateful thanks to The Norfolk Gliding Club and all visiting Pilots and crew for allowing access. This has enabled us to record this remarkable event and also to help out were needed in positioning gliders etc.
Thanks go to Bob Sage, Colin Johnson and David Moth in helping me put together this comprehensive album of images which hopeful does justice to this event

The images in this Album are best viewed by using the "Slideshow" option and are copyright of the photographer - please ask if you would like a copy

All out !!


Gliders Present
BGA 260 Schweyer Rhönsperber
BGA 283/G-ALJR Abbott-Baynes Scud III
BGA 310 Slingsby T.6 Kirby Kite
BGA 337 Schleicher Rhönbussard
BGA 400/F Slingsby T.6 Kirby Kite
BGA 490/G-ALRK Hütter H.17A
BGA 544/APC EoN Olympia 2
BGA 651 Slingsby T.13 Petrel
BGA 663/663 Slingsby T.26 Kite 2B
BGA 684 Abbott-Baynes Scud III
BGA 687/AVD EoN Olympia 2
BGA 689/AVF Slingsby T.26 Kite 2A
BGA 698/G46 "Gertie" Slingsby T.34A Sky
BGA 726/AWU EoN Olympia 2
BGA 801/AZX Slingsby T.41 Skylark 2
BGA 834/BBH EoN Olympia 2
BGA 870/155 Slingsby T.43 Skylark 3B
BGA 844/BBT Slingsby T-43 Skylark 3B
BGA 890/BDR "Sarah" Slingsby T.45 Swallow
BGA 896/BDX Slingsby T.41 Skylark 2
BGA 920/91 Slingsby T.43 Skylark 3F
BGA 921/BEY Slingsby T.45 Swallow
BGA 922/BEZ Slingsby T.43 Skylark 3F
BGA 1029/127 EoN Olympia 2B
BGA 1047/BLE Slingsby T.50 Skylark 4
BGA 1093 Jacobs Schweyer Weihe
BGA 1095/BNE Slingsby T.50 Skylark 4
BGA 1100/BNK Slingsby T.50 Skylark 4
BGA 1134/BPV Slingsby T.49B Capstan
BGA 1210/BSZ Slingsby T.50 Skylark 4
BGA 1220/BTK Slingsby T.50 Skylark 4
BGA 1286/BWE EoN 460 Srs.1 (463)
BGA 1376/BZY Slingsby T.31B
BGA 1639/CYL "Terry McGee" Schempp-Hirth Gö 3 Minimoa
BGA 1965/DAR Slingsby T.21B [plate shows fuselage no. SSK/FF1280]
BGA 2267/DPG Akaflieg München Mü 13D III
BGA 2288 /DQD Slingsby T8
BGA 2333/DSA Slingsby T.30B Prefect
BGA 2583/WE990 Slingsby T.30B Prefect
BGA 2903/ERZ Oberlerchner Mg 19a Steinadler
BGA 2964 Slingsby T.21B
BGA 3189/FDY "Florence" Slingsby T.21B
BGA 3240/WJ306 "Daisy" Slingsby T.21B
BGA 3255/XN157 Slingsby T.21B
BGA 3288/WB975/FJB Slingsby T.21B
BGA 3324/WB971 Slingsby T.21B
BGA 3487/WT908 Slingsby T.31B
BGA 3823/HBX Slingsby T.45 Swallow
BGA 3901/WB924 Slingsby T.21B
BGA 3905/XN186/HFG Slingsby T.21B
BGA 4228/HVB "Top Less" Slingsby T.31B
BGA 5176/KLE SZD-22B Mucha Standard
BGA 5283/XE802 Slingsby T.31B
D-1052 Grunau Baby III
D-1901 DFS Habicht E replica
D-3654 Focke-Wulf Weihe 50
D-4116 Schleicher Rhönlerche II
D-4131 Schempp-Hirth Standard Austria S
D-5520 Schleicher Ka 6CR
D-7380 DFS Olympia-Meise
D-8262 Scheibe L-Spatz 55
D-8310 Scheibe L-Spatz 55
D-5856 Schleicher Ka6CR
D-8824 Scheibe Zugvogel IIIA [not IIIB]
D-9163 Schleicher Ka 2B
D-9424 Scheibe Bergfalke III
EI-GLG Schleicher Ka 6CR
G-CFCR/113 Schleicher Ka 6E
G-CFJW/FJW Schleicher K 7
G-CGDF/GDF Schleicher Ka 6BR
G-CHJP/HJP Schleicher Ka 6CR
G-CJSZ/JSZ Schleicher ASK 18
G-DBJD/BJD "Bertie" SZD-9bis Bocian 1D
(G-DBSL)BGA1197BSL Slingsby T.51 Dart
G-DCCL Schleicher KA 6E
G-DCDF/683 Schleicher Ka 6E
G-DDBB/DBB Slingsby T.51 Dart 17R
G-DHOC Scheibe Bergfalke II-55
G-EEBS/EBS "Schwarzhornfalke" Scheibe Zugvogel IIIA
G-HCAC/994 Schleicher Ka 6E
HB-557 Slingsby T.31B
HB-703 Schleicher Ka 6CR
HB-724 Schleicher Ka 2B
HB-1199 Neukom Elfe S4A
OK-8560 Zlin 24 Krajánek
OK-A415 Hols der Teufel replica
OO-KEI Schleicher Rhönlerche II
OO-ZPR Grunau Baby III
PH-103 AISA/DFS Kranich II
PH-104 Schleicher Rhönlerche II
PH-198 Slingsby T.30A Prefect
PH-357 Schleicher Ka 6CR
PH-856 Schleicher Ka 6CR
PH-999 Nabern GmbH FS 24 "Phonix T"
PH-1223 Schleicher Ka 6E
PH-1413/OY "Duck" SZD-9bis Bocian 1E
PH-1452 Slingsby T.31M Cadet III

Post Script - now that the Rally is over - below are a few stats from the NGC Newsletter

152 pilots registered as P1 (pilot in command) attending the Rally (plus
many P2s, crew and families);

96 gliders registered (although a few more entered at the last minute
including some of Tibenham's own);

395 winch launches (plus those for the cadets and for NGC members);

244 aerotows (plus some more as for the winch); and

142 tents/caravans/campervans (plus Tibenham's contingent).
557 photos · 10,370 views
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