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10 Facts About Me | by benjiphig
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10 Facts About Me

Explored! #314 6/6/11


Sorry, it's been a little while since I've last posted. I've been super busy doing a lot of paid work and unfortunately that had to take priority.


Anyway, last week I was tagged in a photo by David Oberborbeck Andersen, which meant I had to produce ten facts about myself. So here it is.


When I first started posting on Flickr only a year ago, David was one of my first contacts. He's an awesome Photographer and I loved the style of his photos and knew it was a similar look to what I wanted to achieve with my images, yet didn't know how to get them to look that way. Embarrassingly I sent him a Flickrmail asking how he did it. Unlike others he was happy to share his secrets and from that I developed my own style into what it is today.


I owe him big time.




Here's my 10 Facts:


1. I drink way too much Coffee. Although if I'm offered alcohol, I'll take a Gin and Tonic everytime.


2. Into the Wild is my favourite film ever. If I had the time, I'd watch it every day.


3. I often start things but don't finish them,I'm an indecisive perfectionist (the worst kind). If I complete the 10th fact it'll be a miracle.


4. If I only had 2 fingers I'd still type just as quickly. My index fingers hog the keyboard.


5. I love sleep but it hates me. Sometimes I won't get to bed until 4am.


6. My memory is insane. I know my internet's Wifi password off by heart ... it's 26 numbers/letters long.


7. Carrot cake is my achilles heel, although give me a raw carrot to eat and I'd probably vomit.


8. The internet has taught me more about life than school ever could of.


9. Two of my front teeth on the top row are not originals, they were knocked out 18 months ago playing football/soccer. It costs £6,000/$10,000 to get them permanently replaced ... I'd rather buy some L Glass and a 5dMkII


10. I'm always late. I was even born late ... by 4 weeks, resulting in my arrival into the World on New Years Eve,1988.


It's a miracle!


I've tagged some other people, so you too will have to think of some facts about yourself and get posting. Please check out there work!


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Taken on June 6, 2011