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Treasure Chest | by Kemi & Niko
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Treasure Chest

I have a treasure chest, and it's filled to the brim. Check it out...


1. Black film canister with typewritten sticker reading “BROKEN TOOTH”

2. A button in the shape of an apple, red and green

3. Antique wooden bingo piece, No. 82

4. Two small glass lenses from a vintage Super 8 camera

5. The plastic eye of a teddy bear, pink

6. Three clear raw quartz crystals

7. A clear and black gemstone, name unknown

8. An opaque sea blue gemstone, name unknown

9. A raw amethyst crystal

10. The life vest from a 1970’s army doll set, fluoro orange, reads “AIR VEST U.S.A.F”

11. A used vintage matchbook for Warings Meat Supplies

12. An empty vintage matchbox with a barrel logo reading “MARTINS”

13. A circa 1975 NZ 2cent stamp of the Tussock Butterfly

14. An event ticket, reads “ADMIT ONE”, No. 37763

15. A circa 1975 NZ 4cent stamp of an amethyst crystal

16. A 1969 stamp of an aquatic fossil, unknown country of origin (probably somewhere in east Europe)

17. A plastic white fender guitar pick

18. A plastic red Dunlop guitar pick

19. The broken of teaspoon emblem of West Malling

20. The unused matchbook for El Sombrero, an Mexican chain restaurant

21. Unused vintage matchbook for Totara Park, NZ

22. Antique reference number complaint slip from a WW1-era bandage tin

23. Mostly used vintage matchbook for racing horse Makor, “WINNER OF $109,130”

24. Ziplock bag with a cut up piece of a photo inside (photo shows a razor blade and an anatomy illustration pinned to a wall)

25. Two 1979 stamps of a map of an unknown location, probably somewhere in Europe

26. Vintage bottle label for “Fruit Vino”

27. The end of a colour photo film reel, depicts an overhead view of a valley and lake

28. Printed piece of card for holding a badge, Japanese origin

29. Plastic bread tag, green

30. Used vintage matchbox for Flash Instant Printing, a chain copy shop from Australia

31. A loose colour photo negative, depicts a an empty desert

32. Used vintage matchbox for Geyserland Motel Hotel, Rotorua, NZ

33. Part of a microfiche reel of magazine pages

34. Stamp of a red smiley face on a piece of tissue paper

35. Business card, typewritten onto receipt paper, no longer in use

36. CNC etched label of “K.B.A (INC.), white on black

37. Three vintage tobacco stamps, dated 24.2.1958

38. Toy plastic revolver from a 1970’s army doll set, black

39. Microfilm container label from the International Antarctic Analysis Centre, dated February 1960

40. A used vintage matchbook for ShantyTown Nightclub, Civic Theatre, Queen Street, Auckland, NZ

41. Ziplock bag a cut up piece of a photo photo inside (photo shows an illustration of an island, a found passport photo and stencil pattern)

42. A circa 1975 NZ 2cent stamp of the Red Admiral Butterfly

43. Photo from a Super 8 projector manual

44, Vintage 35mm Ilford film reel, unused, 36 exp., ASA 400

45. Two dental x-rays of a Miss P. Wadsworth’s metal-filled teeth stored in small envelope from dental surgeon Peter B. Smith, dated 7.3.79, England

46. Antique return train ticket to Kirk Michael and back to Castletown, England

47. Vintage matchbook face for Okato, a cheese company, Taranaki, NZ

48. Vintage Band Aid still in packet

49. Two compasses, one larger and cheaper, one smaller and better quality

50. Aluminium photo slide, photo depicts a snowy ski field

51. A black plastic container to hold parts of a Japanese calligraphy set, holds many small gemstones and shells

52. A loose colour photo negative, depicts a motel bathroom

53. Piece of an old collage, plastic wood grain sheet and stamp

54. Detachable circuit from a dismantled radio walkman to control bass/treble level, blue, white, silver, black

55. Cut out of a bedside clock mechanism from a circa 1960 Readers Digest home handyman style book.

56. Circuit from a dismantled radio walkman to control audio qualities

57. Project Echo logo cut from perspex, black

58. McGyver Mini Book, made of reused paper/card, stored in match box case

59. Nugget of Pyrite

60. Lego minifigure, a pirate body and bandanna with a robot head

61. Vintage Bakelite dollhouse baby

62. Dried seed head of unknown plant

64. Wind-up motor from a toy car, black

65. Two pullback motors from Kinder Surprise toys

66. Ziplock bag containing many small pieces of sand-smoothed beach glass, brown, green and colourless varities

67. Plastic Vietnam-era Air New Zealand tiki souvenir, still in bag with booklet

68. Gold horseshoe themed ring, carat unknown, unknown red gem set in centre

69. Viewfinder lens array from a vintage disposable camera

70. .50 Caliber bullet, unfired, dead

71. Time counter from an old cassette deck, mechanism still works

72. Plastic brush as part of a typewriter cleaning kit, circa 1963 manufacture

73. Pink plastic pig

74. Redish dreadlock, capped on head end

75. LPFM transmitter, in working order

76. Toy plastic Apatosaurus

77. HO scale model train wheels

78. Pill canister holding a tuft of brown hair

79. Ziplock bag holding three cut and polished cubic zirconia crystals

80. Dismantled diaphragm of a vintage piezo electric disk, removed from old telephone

81. Seashell resting on cottonwool stored inside a card box wrapped in plastic, vintage

82. Antique rubber date stamp, rubber missing, made in England by Dormy

83. Three normal looking small rocks with multicoloured metallic growth, name unknown

84. Two vintage Eveready 1.5volt cells, made in NZ

85. Two crystals with attachment for hanging them from a necklace, one amethyst, the other name unknown

86. Silver acorn

87. Viewfinder lens from a Super 8 camera

88, Vintage photosensitive resistor, red and green wires

89. Cog from a Super 8 camera

90. EQ controller from a dismantled radio walkman, green and silver

91. Miniature power pole

92. Rubber stamp piece, reads “Chch”, stained blue

93. Dismantled part from a cellphone vibrator motor, very tiny!

94. Vintage dismantled DC motor

95. Four newish dismantled DC motors, one stored inside a sealed plastic tube

96. Shell casing from a .38 bullet, silver

97. Lock of hair in a gum wrapper held closed with a hair tie, golden brown

98. Hollow rock cracked in two, insides are lined with small colourless crystals

99. Row counter for hand knitting, blue and white

100. Black plastic headphones clip

101. Stripe of red embossing tape, reads “AUDIO IN 9V DC IN”

102. Department of Conservation logo for their Conservation Campsites, black on thin white plastic

103. Nugget of Turquoise, small hole through it for beading

104. Glass fuse rated 0.4amps at 240volts, blown

105. Bass boost selector from a dismantled radio walkman, brown, beige and black

106. Flashbulb from a vintage disposable camera

107. Simple circuit connecting two red and green LEDs

108. Small bag, contains small shells identified on slip of paper, from Germany, vintage

109. Binoculars from a 1970’s army doll set, black

110. Ammo case from a 1970’s army doll set, green

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Taken on February 14, 2010