Castra Praetoria
The north and east walls of the Castra Praetoria are incorporated into the Aurelian Walls around Roma. Since the height of the walls was merely increased with each successive rebuilding, the original Tiberian camp walls and battlements can still be seen.

In 1890, a 40m-wide breach was forced through the north wall to form the Viale Castro Praetoria, but much of the north and east walls of the camp remain intact and, in some cases, not too heavily modified from their original Tiberian form. However, there have been successive patchings of the wall, some of which are obvious, some less so, making interpreting the phasing and features of the curtain wall problematic in some places.

The definitive work on the Praetorian Camp is now A. W. Busch, Militär in Rom. Militärische und paramilitärische Einheiten im kaiserzeitlichen Stadtbild, Palilia 20 (Wiesbaden 2011).
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