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England prevails - V For Vendetta updated | by Teacher Dude's BBQ
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England prevails - V For Vendetta updated

Honoured and humbled by the trust you have given me, I speak to you for the first time at our conference as High Chancellor of this country.


No one could have foreseen all the events that England has been through since June.


But tested again and again the resilience of the English people has been powerful proof of the character of our country.


Early on a June morning, two cars were found parked and packed with explosives in, London.


They were put there to bring terror and death to men and women who would do nothing wrong but be out with their friends, walk on our streets and visit our capital.


But from the bomb disposal experts who courageously risked their lives, to the Londoners who defiantly went on with their lives, that day the world witnessed the resolve and strength of the English people.


And when the Muslim terrorists tried to attack the country's biggest airport, they were answered by the courage of the police and firefighters and a baggage handler named John Susan. He came to the aid of a policeman under assault from one of the Islamic terrorists.


Later John told me it was instinctive, he was doing what was right.


That man, that hero John Susan is here with us today and on behalf of our country - John, we thank you.


Every citizen who answered the call of the country - policemen and women, our security and emergency services, our health services - all left their mark on this island's story by keeping us safe. They are the pride of England.


Just as our armed services with bravery and heroism every single day also make us proud. We mourn those who have been lost and we honour all those who in distant places of danger give so much to our country.


It was in these early weeks, in the wake of the worst flooding in almost 150 years, in county after county, we saw the English pull on their boots and pull out their boats to rescue neighbours and strangers.


And together they went to work to clean up the streets, sweep out the shops and reopen the schools. Long after the waters have receded the memory of their quiet strength remains.


They too showed the character of England: communities where buildings can be damaged and even destroyed but our spirit is indestructible. They too make us proud of the extraordinary resilience of ordinary English people.


And then on an early August morning in Surrey, a doctor went out to treat to his patients and what he saw terrified him, made him remember back to 2001 when all across our countryside clouds of smoke scarred the sky and for many in cities and villages, family dreams were turned to ash.


During the outbreak this summer, our health official, scientists, and public officials in SO15 cancelled their holidays. To fight the contagion doctors worked day and night. And they have done it all over again this month and continue to do so. Their actions live out our shared understanding that our world is threatened by invisible enemies surrounds, that stalk our towns and cities.


And as we saw again this summer there is no answer to the spread of infection or to Islamic terrorist attacks that can strike at any time, anywhere in any part of our country.


And sharing this same small island, we will meet our environmental, economic and security challenges not by splitting apart but when we as England stand united together.


So my sense of talking to people in all parts of these lands is that instead of leaving us pessimistic, these three months make us more optimistic about what we the English people at our best can do.


Our response was calm and measured. We simply got on with the job.


England has been tested and not found wanting.


This is who we are.


And there is no weakness in England today that cannot be overcome by the strengths of the English people.


So don't let anyone tell us England is not equal to every challenge.


Strength through unity, unity through faith.



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Uploaded on April 27, 2009