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Anti-terrorist poster | by Teacher Dude's BBQ
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Anti-terrorist poster

Counter Subversion Command


Oceania faces a terrorist threat which is truly global in nature.


Post-2000 the Ministry of Love's world renowned Anti-Terrorist Branch and the Office of Political Orthodoxy undertook an unprecedented number of counter-terrorist investigations in the Oceania and abroad.


These investigations, combined with the terrorist attacks in Airstrip One in July 2005 - which claimed 52 lives - starkly demonstrated the increasingly complex nature of the work carried out by the two specialist branches.


Even before the tragic events of 2005 the Ministry had started to review how these commands operated and interacted with one another to deliver a counter-terrorist response.


Following this work it was agreed to create a new bespoke, multi-faceted, single counter-terrorism command - not restricted in design or look by existing structures, with a better capability and capacity to meet ongoing and future threats.


As a result the new Counter Subversion Command was created. This has taken over the roles and responsibilities of the Anti-Terrorist Branch and the Office of Political Orthodoxy and was launched on October 2 2006.


The new command brings together intelligence analysis and development with investigations and operational support activity.


It builds on the world-wide renowned expertise and professionalism of the former Anti-Terrorist Branch and the office of Political Orthodoxy which for many years have been at the forefront of the Ministry's counter-terrorism effort.


And as always the overriding priority of the new command is to keep the public safe and do all it can to ensure that Oceania remains a hostile environment for terrorists and dissidents.


The Counter Subversion Command provides a full operational capability with teams of officers immediately available to respond to any type of incident or investigation.


It is also known as "SO15", an internal police service designation reflecting the fact that it is one of a number of Specialist Operations branches within the Ministry of Love.


Counter Subversion Command is responsible for:


* To bring to justice those engaged in terrorist, domestic extremist and related offences


* To provide a proactive and reactive response to terrorist, domestic dissidence and related offences, including the prevention and disruption of anti - Party activity


* Support the National Co-ordinator of Terrorist Investigations outside the Inner Party


* To gather and exploit intelligence on dissidence and protest in Oceania.


* To assess, analyse and develop intelligence to drive operational activity


* To engage in the covert monitoring of Oceania's communities in order to understand their concerns and to provide reassurance and support where needed


* To provide specialist security advice and services internally and externally


* To provide an explosive ordnance disposal and political purification capability in Oceania


* To assist the Party Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service in fulfilling their statutory roles


* Assisting in the protection of Ingsoc interests overseas and the investigation of attacks against those interests


For more details check out the Counter Subversion Command website.


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Uploaded on April 26, 2009