Adult Center - April 2013
Welcome to “A Tisket, A Tasket”, a collection of green and yellow basket quilts, as well as a few other colors to make you smile! Thumb Butte Quilters love to share our quilts with you!! Basket quilt patterns have been a favorite for centuries! Even today, we're still making quilts of basket designs. Is it because of those May Baskets we hung on doors in days of old?

The quilts now hanging in the Atrium of the Prescott Community Center are as follows, (standing at the Reception Desk, looking South out the front door, beginning with the first small quilt in the southwest corner, and going around the room clockwise):

(small quilt location—southwest corner):
Kathleen Bond, quilt maker. “Flowers From the Garden.” This is an original design by Kathleen, started in a class with Roberta Horton in 2011--“Design Your Own Primitive Quilt”. Machine quilted by Kathleen.

(Large Quilts on the West Wall):
•Joan Moss, quilt maker. “My Flower Baskets.” This quilt was hand quilted over a time period from 1985 to 1989. The quilt is edged in the “prairie point” technique.
•Lorraine Owen, quilt maker. “Sharing Baskets with Best Friends”. This quilt was started in the Summer of 2010, and with a little help from her friends, was completed in June of 2011. It was machine quilted by Cindy Phare.
•Carol Butler, quilt maker. “My Baskets Quilt”. Carol is a big fan of quilt designer, Pat Sloan. This is Pat's “Be Thankful” pattern.

(small quilt location—northwest corner):
Carol Perry, quilt maker. “Red Basket Collection”. Who wouldn't love to have this collection!

(small quilt location—northeast corner):
Carolyn Edwards, quilt owner. “A Birthday Quilt.” This quilt arrived in the mail around birthday time one year from a dear friend in Iowa. These basket blocks are also known as “cake stand”.

(Large Quilts on the East Wall):
•Bette Smith, quilt owner. “Pink Basket Beauty”. This antique quilt was made by Bette's grandmother. She must have been one of the lucky ones who owned a sewing machine. Even the basket handles are sewn on by machine, however, the quilt is intricately hand quilted.
•Maxine Everaert, quilt maker. “Grandma's Flower Baskets.” This quilt was started in a class in Tucson in 1997, and finished in Prescott Valley in 2006. The flowers in the baskets are three-dimensional. The quilt is hand quilted.
•Maggie Keller, quilt maker. “Celebration Baskets”. This signature quilt contains 25 blocks made for Maggie in friendship. It is hand quilted.

(small quilt location—southeast corner):
Barbara Merkel, quilt maker. “Forever Flowers”. A “swap-a-block” pattern designed by Arlene Stamper and Melissa Harris. This was a “swap” project of the mini-group “Roadhouse Quilters”. Barbara set the blocks together. It was machine quilted by Cindy Phare, and completed in 2011.
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