Adult Center - December 2012
Happy Holidays to all Quilt Lovers from Thumb Butte Quilters! For your viewing pleasure, we present a display of "Christmas, Christmas Houses, and Stars"! Enjoy!

The quilts now hanging in the Atrium of the Prescott Adult Center are as follows (standing at the Reception Desk, looking South out the front door, beginning with the first small quilt in the Southwest corner, and going around the room clockwise):

(small quilt location--southwest corner):
Earlene Springs, quilt maker. "Christmas Houses". Several members of a Friendship Group, called "The Young and The Restless", have finished a "friendship" block exchange. This one is Earlene's!

(Large Quilts on the West Wall):

Karla Morriston, quilt maker. "Collective Hunch". There's a quote that goes something like "reality is a collective hunch", and thinking about stars goes that direction! This quilt pattern appears in Sandy Klop's book, "Quilts for All Seasons". Karla gave herself a real challenge when she made the binding out of star scraps! Machine quilted by Andrea Andriole.
Lorraine Owen, quilt maker. "Starlite". This was a blue and yellow star challenge within the mini-group, The Young and The Restless. Pieced and machine quilted by Lorraine.
Carolyn Edwards, quilt maker. "August 1st". This quilt was inspired by one that appeared in the Art Engagement Calendar of the American Quilt Society on August 1, 1988. Machine quilted by Maggie Keller.

(small quilt location--northwest corner):
Lorraine Owen, quilt maker. "Christmas Houses". "Friendship group" block exchange. The names on the mailboxes designate the block maker and friendship group member.

(small quilt location--northeast corner):
Marti Harbour, quilt maker. "Christmas Houses". "Friendship group" block exchange.

(Large Quilts on the East Wall):

Eve Pelletier, quilt maker. "Yavapai County Courthouse". Just imagine several thousand Christmas lights! This is an original design by Eve.
Marti Harbour, quiltmaker. "Christmas Sampler". Blocks were pieced by Popo Agie Quilt Club members of Lander, Wyoming, 2001. Machine quilted by Linda Johnstone. Are you seeing the trend of friendship and quilting? The two go hand-in-hand.
Jane Holland, quilt maker. "Christmas Houses". Jane wanted her quilt to be bigger, so she added 3 more houses, and a candy cane striped border.

(small quilt location--southeast corner):
Kay Wentworth, quilt maker. "Christmas Lone Star". The lone star quilt pattern has been around since the pioneer days and is very recognizable!
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