Adult Center - October 2012
As Arizona's Centennial Celebration nears a close, we've pulled together one last look in the year 2012 at quilts of Arizona and the Southwest. These quilts should remind you of beautiful Arizona and why you are here! Hopefully, you will walk out of the Atrium humming “We love you, Arizona.”

The quilts now hanging in the Atrium of the Prescott Community Center are as follows, (standing at the Reception Desk, looking South out the front door, beginning with the first small quilt in the southwest corner, and going around the room clockwise):

(small quilt location—southwest corner):

Carol Stewart, quilt maker. “Mimbres Designs”. This quilt consists of designs from the Mimbres culture, which existed in the Southwest between 100 A.D. and 1150 A.D.

(Large Quilts on the West Wall):


Kay Wentworth, quilt maker. “The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You”. Kay will be the first to tell you how much she loves Arizona. This quilt was made especially for Arizona's birthday!

Sandy McGarry, quilt maker. “New Boots”. Sandy is a horse woman, and loves all things Western. She made two of these Boot quilts, and gave one to her Trainer.

Shirlee Smith, quilt maker. “Chain Gang”. As Shirlee has wonderful childhood memories of making pets out of Horney Toads, when she found this pattern in a Tucson Quilt Shop, she knew she had to make it. The pieced 'setting' is typically called a 'chain'. Machine pieced, machine appliqued, and hand quilted in 2011.

(small quilt location—northwest corner):

Betty Foley, quilt maker. “Welcome, Rodeo Fans”. You have to smile at Betty's playful imagination in this creation! Machine pieced, machine appliqued, and machine quilted.

(small quilt location—northeast corner):

Carol Miller, quilt maker. “New York Beauty Goes West”. This N. Y. Beauty pattern was paper-pieced in a Sherry Rets class in Ohio. The Lone Star quilting design reflects a trip out West to TX.

(Large Quilts on the East Wall):


Paula Pilcher, quilt maker. “Southwest Memories”. Paula started this project in a class in 2005, consisting of hand applique, hand embroidery, machine applique, and machine piecing. Machine quilted and finished in 2006.

Sandy McGarry, quilt maker. “Crossroads”. With a definite Southwest design, this quilt invites you to meet at the Crossroads! Machine pieced and machine quilted.

Shirlee Smith, quilt maker. “Sedona”. Shirlee purchased Bali Pop strips at The Quilter's Store in Sedona and adapted a scrap quilt pattern she had. The printed “pottery” blocks were purchased from TBQ's Company Store at the first meeting she attended! Machine pieced, machine appliqued, hand quilted by Shirlee.

(small quilt location—southeast corner):

Paula Pilcher, quilt maker. “Two Gray Hills”. A pattern by J. Michell Watts. Machine pieced by Paula; machine quilted by Sandy Holderness.
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