Adult Center - July 2011
Who doesn’t love a red, white, and blue patriotic quilt? Quilters especially love to piece and quilt red, white, and blue quilts during the summer days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. For your viewing pleasure, we present you with TEN patriotic quilts. “Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!”

The makers of the quilts now hanging in the Atrium of the Prescott Community Center are as follows (standing at the Reception Desk, looking South out the front door, beginning with the first small quilt in the southeast corner, and going around the room counter-clockwise):

(small quilt location--southeast corner)

Susan Gates Harms, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “9/11”. This quilt was made on 9/11/01 of red, white, and blue fabric scraps in her “stash”, after watching news reports all day long. It was therapy for thousands of U.S. women as they dealt with the news. Susan had friends and family who worked in the Twin Towers.

(Large Quilts on the East wall):

Carol Perry, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “Patriotic Chick, Horse, Dog”. Carol decorates her whole house patriotic in the summer time.

Fran Chadwick, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “Eagle”. In 1789, George Washington became our Nation’s first President and the American Eagle became our Country’s official bird.

Carol Perry, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “Stars in the Cabin”. The stars in this quilt are placed in a half log cabin quilt block.

(small quilt location--northeast corner)

Sandy Mitchell, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “An American Dream”. This quilt was made as a part of TBQ’s American Spirit Quilt Show Challenge in 2005. There are 13 log cabin blocks representing the 13 colonies and 50 stars representing the United States.

(small quilt location--northwest corner)

Chris Anders, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “Stars and Strips”. This is a strips ‘n curves technique taught by Louisa L. Smith.

(Large quilts on West Wall):

Shirlee Smith, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “Hugs and Kisses”. This quilt was created by Linda Fisher as a class demonstration for Calico Creations Quilt Shop in 1984. The quilt was never completed. In 2004, Linda sent Shirlee the pieced blocks and fabric. Shirlee then completed the quilt. The red ‘X’s are the “kisses“. It is hand quilted in circles, thus, the “hugs”.

Susan Gates Harms, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “Quilt of Valor for Richard”. This quilt was made and presented to her husband, Richard, a Viet Nam war vet in 2009. Susan just finished her 100th Quilt of Valor.

Chris Anders, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “Stars for America”. The star blocks were a block exchange project of a quilting mini-group known as “In Stitches”.

(small quilt location--southwest corner)

Pam Jones, quilt maker. Quilt Name: “9-11-01”. Using patriotic fabric, as well as “Twin Towers” fabric, this quilt was made to honor the firefighters who were at the scene on 09-11-01.
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