Adult Center - August 2009
For your viewing pleasure, Thumb Butte Quilters Guild presents this latest collection of quilts using the theme “Black and White and Red all Over”. We hope this eye candy makes you smile!

The makers/owners of the quilts now hanging in the atrium of the Prescott Community Center are as follows: (standing at the Reception Desk, looking South out the front door, beginning with the first small quilt in the southwest corner, and going around the room clockwise):

(small quilt location--southwest corner)

Julie Nanke, quilt maker. “Felines, Feathers, and Friends”. Quilters in mini-group ‘’In Stitches’ gave Julie cat blocks for her birthday. This is her finished project!

(Large Quilts on the West wall):

Sheila Smith, quilt maker. “Black, White & Red”. She wanted to use all black & white fabrics in her collection! Pieced by Sheila, machine quilted by Maggie Keller in 2005.

Carolyn Edwards, quilt maker. “Trip of Hearts”. This is a traditional “Trip Around the World” pattern. Machine pieced and hand quilted with a heart stitched in each square. Pattern appeared in Quilters Newsletter Magazine in February 1979. This was the first quilt Carolyn completed.

Cindy Phare, quilt maker. “Red and White Star Sampler”--a Marsha McCloskey pattern. This quilt was a ribbon winner at the 2008 Yavapai County Fair. Machine pieced and quilted by Cindy.

(small quilt location--northwest corner)

Lynne Chamberlin, quilt maker. “It’s a Mystery!“ This quilt was made in a mystery quilt class taught by Nyla Paulsen. When making a mystery quilt, units, parts and pieces are constructed separately as “clues”. With the final clue, the quilt maker learns how to set the blocks together, and the mystery is solved. Machine pieced and quilted by Lynne.

(small quilt location--northeast corner)

Linda Hill, quilt maker. “Star Dance”. This quilt was a ribbon winner at the 2007 Yavapai County Fair. Machine pieced and quilted by Linda.

(Large quilts on East Wall):

Jean Ehlers, quilt maker. “Asian Fans”. This quilt was created when Jean attended Joan Carroll’s “Stack-N-Whack” class at Quilt N Sew Connection.

Lorraine Owens, quilt maker. “Simply Quilt”. This quilt is a reproduction of a quilt made in 1880, and was probably much easier to make, as it was “passed around” to friends Charlotte York and Cindy Phare, who helped make it in 2006.

Cindy Phare, quilt maker. “Black, White & Red Wedding Ring”. This is a John Flynn pattern, and was machine pieced and quilted by Cindy. Completed in February 2009.

(small quilt location--southeast corner)

Kathleen Bond, quilt maker. “Tumbling Blocks“. This is one of Kathleen’s early quilts. Machine pieced and hand quilted.
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