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#8 - 084_MFc_springbento | by Tbky
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#8 - 084_MFc_springbento

Country: bento was made and eaten in Norway, but I'm from Spain


Bento description:


I know my bento is not going to be one of the nicest, neither one with the most spring's coulours on it. But under the circumstances I'm quite proud of it. I'm actually an Erasmus' student in Trondheim (Norway). Even with my savings and grants, living here is still very expensive, specially when it comes to fruit and vegetables, which have to be imported from other countries such as South Africa, Spain or Netherlands. The variety is not that much (we have now even less vegetables than in winter!), so I try to cook in all differents ways I can while eating always healthy. Also, even if the contest's theme is "Spring bento" spring hasn't come at all to this north place yet, it's still quite cold (from -4º to 4º as much) and there's still snow everywhere.


The bento I submit to this contest has taken into account everything of the above. It was made to my boyfriend and I, who planned to eat it in a lake about 1h 30m from our place. Unfortunately the weather suddenly changed, it started raining and it was so cold that we decided just to take the photos in a nearer place and eat it once we got home (eating at -4º isn't that nice).


The bigger bento has (from left to right) some "false spring rolls" made by my lovely roommate from Indonesia (they had carrots, leek, Chinese cabbage, enokitake and shrimps); an omelet (wich in Spain we call French Style omelet) with 'jamón' and spring baby garlic (one of my boyfriend's favourites) separated with 'lomo embuchao' (Spanish sausage made of pork); a white and red bean salad (with shrimps, red paprika, carrot, broccoli and a home made vinaigrette) and some cherry tomatoes and Olivas.


The smallest bento is the dessert, a fruit salad with mini-pancakes and some chocolate and sweets. All with some syrup (as we planned to long for quite long and it gives me a lot of energy)


Sorry for trouble all you by reading all this, but I wanted to described it so it made more sense :)

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Taken on March 28, 2010