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Curb your enthusiasm - Larry and Angelina Youdoodolls for Richard Bacons Radio 5 show on Dragons' Den

Genius - Just after Sarah Lu said she would stick pins in him.

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Jonathan Ross don't you know

Reserve yours now on (01736) 336 999 - £19.99, all profits to Dogs Trust.

havn't been around much lately-busy with exams and school and stuff :(


but just thought i'd post a crappy webcam picture of me and my youdoodoll. I saw them advertised on a documentary about deborah meaden [one of the dragons of dragons den..] and i ended up ordering one! they're so cool!


i havn't done the face yet, and he doesn't have a name, but i just made the all pretty. :)

More SDCC 2012 coverage at !

Photography by Emilie Noetzel

Radio 1's batch of Youdoodolls. Is that Lescott from Everton?

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