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Yair's fortress getting the finishing touches

Jonathan Klinger, Attorney and Ego :)

Meital in her Zulo shirt

Lior Haner, Live blogging.

Niv Calderon, Photographer and blogger

Tal Galili introducing the next panel

Miriam Schwab, Kfir Pravda, Oriel Ohayoun, Yigal Hamish, Israel Blechman

Sarit Ammar njoying the panel, who is that behind her? Papa Galili? I never found out.

פרופ' סוקולוב - נשיא מכללת אפקה, האכסניה המארחת

Lorelle posing for my camera. pity I was shooting a portrait and not landscape shot :-)

"Paradox" Sarit and the line of live bloggers

ailaG looking very concentrated

Ehud Kenan, Tomer Lichst, Niv Calderon, Yair Raveh, Uri Eish, Meital Sharon

Hanit helping Lorelle with the translation

Hebrew wordpress installation, "Wordpress for dummies", Sarit Ammar presenting :)

Ehud Keinan presenting the next panel - happy and horror stories of the wordpress installations of the past year or two from people who can't program they're way out of a garbage can (or something)

next toi him is Niv Calderon and I think Tomer Lichtash. I can't remember now.

Sarit helping out the panel from the audience.

Hannit Cohen, Organizer, big heart, and modest central column of the Israeli WP community. "Oshia" in Hebrew.

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