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The amount of birds here was quite Hitchcockian...

The government is currently running a lot of social welfare programs to aid in economic empowerment of low-income citizens.



Also Seen in 115 pictures in 2015 #106 - All in a Row

Uploaded for 2015 one photo each day.

that's what we called "radio" in the old days in the UK :-)

for Macro Mondays - Bottoms Up

Old post and wire fence possibly from ww2 heading to nowhere. Inganess Bay, Orkney.

Wired a few days ago, today we are wireless... =)

50mm @ f2

I used to live in Tokyo and thought that the profusion of overhead cables there was greater than anywhere else. But Bangkok beats it. Hands down. Look up and the first thing you see is a veritable spaghetti of wires.


This shot was taken on - of all places - Wireless Road and is part of the Thai lines and My Thai - a cocktail of shots sets.


One day left for We Love Roleplay! Get yer taxi at Oh, The Vanity!

Cable and Wireless lake, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK


This lake is in front of the Cable and Wireless UK headquarters in Bracknell.


"Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies. "

My Alfie is helping me with changing modems.

I was changing to wireless... sigh.... and he was reading the user manual for me.

But.... he used my phone for the internet..... some kind a help ;-)

Oh well I did manage.... finally... and.... we made it to Explore!!!

Highest position # 226 on Monday, January 2, 2012; thank you so much!


The texture I used is by: pareeerica: Fireflies. Thanks so much my dear Erica!


Taken at Wexford Wildfowl Reserve for my group Telegraph Tuesday HTT!


a photo of my wireless heatset, with just the light from the pc monitor on the left and some light from the chandelier on the right outlining it.


testing the high ISO of the D3 again. this is probably the feature that i love the most about this camera. gain, shot at ISO 2500, and to think that this can go up to 25600!!!


nothing retouched here just resized.

25 Db Wireless Antenna Plans

Wireless Road





:copyright: 2017 Dick Snaterse

Wireless Hill, Western Australia

Sometimes referred to as Embassy row, the still leafy Thanon Withayu, or Wireless Road lies at the very heart of the Central Business District, and is called home by embassies and multinational corporations alike.

at least, I think it was wireless.

Wireless Road





:copyright: 2017 Dick Snaterse

Wireless Road





:copyright: 2017 Dick Snaterse

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