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Olympus E-P1.

Panasonic 20 mm F1.7 ASPH. lens

Don McLean "Winterwood"


Great thanks to Nesster for the texture

I recently got the chance to spend almost a week in a white out in the Palouse. I have tried several times to achieve this but for many different reasons it never materialized. Finally I got my big break and I could not have asked for better conditions. Lots and lots of snow and finally got some sun on the last two days. Thanks to Ryan McGinty for graciously showing me some of his favorite spots as he knows more then anyone I know when it comes to the Palouse.


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I appreciate all the feedback and comments !!!!


Here are some more of the images from this recent trip

Winter Palouse Images

Captured at near -50C with wind chill, the gusting wind kicks up snow grains illuminated against the rising winter sun.


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(the boxes on the right are part of a row of beehives, set up with winter feeding)

I drive by several large farms on my way to work...

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A cold and windy winterafternoon with some really nice textures and colours... It was insanely cold...You can see a blizzard roaring on the plateu further up the mountain.


Canon 5d w/polarizer & Lee Soft Grads...






For inspiration:

I managed to take a walk today, a day a bit 'more "warm" than the previous ones.

I did not have the "official" camera with me because I wanted to be free of weight and photographic obligations.

I wanted to enjoy the walk and I found myself, instead, taking a lot of photos of the fascinating river and the path in winter clothes.

This small nikon compact, now dated, is able to capture the "mood" of the environment, probably better than the other, has no claims in detail, all that immortal is what I needed today- the essence of the river in winter, in its apparent calm, in the dull colors, in the bony trees and in the total absence of living beings of all kinds....


Fabrizio De André - Le acciughe fanno il pallone (Live)


The chosen music has nothing to do with the photo, but is a tribute to De André in the twenty years since his death and a tribute to my father on his birthday ....


Thanks for your recent visits, favorites, comments and invitations, everything is very much appreciated, as always....


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#2 Sky as a Canvas 'Snow and Sky' contest


Thanks :)

A winter full moon night in Banff national park after a severe snow storm. There are still open water sections on the lake and the ice is thin. This is my first perspective blending artwork, so don't be surprised about the size of the moon, cause it is what your eyes can see instead of what the camera can capture.

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This is Photo No. 12 of a Series of Winter Impressions.



Dit is een doorgang door de oude binnendijk met de weg die loopt naar de "nieuwe" buitendijk. Daarachter ligt het Wad

Explore #178 February 7, 2012


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This winter seems to be very heavy on images of highways from me. I have already shot this place a few times, but never in winter. Since winters seem to get warmer and with less snow with each year, after new snow has covered the mountains I rushed to capture Hemus Highway. Unfortunately, there was not as much snow as I anticipated, so I might return to this place one more time :)

This place in summer:

and early spring

A thin layer of fog blankets the frozen landscape at dawn. A winter's morning on the Saskatchewan prairie offers up sublime light and a pallet only visible in the cold months.


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Explored 18 April 2013

There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you. . . In spring,

summer and fall people sort of have an open season on each other;

only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches

when you can savor belonging to yourself.


~ Ruth Stout


Yes, I am still enjoying the snow! :D


p.s. No selective coloring here. =)

Uit mijn archief / From my archive


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Der Winter lässt in Norddeutschland immer noch auf sich warten - nur ein wenig Raureif, mehr noch nicht. Aber da gibt es ja noch mein gutes altes Archiv...


(The winter is still delayed in northern Germany - just a little frost, nothing more. But there is still my good old archive ...)


This is the way we attempt to stay sane during Minnesota’s long winter. We light things up so that we are moderately fooled into thinking that it is summer. It might partially work but when the temperature is below zero you body still gets the hint that it is winter.

This is Landmark Center and the other interesting building surrounding Rice Park in St Paul, MN. If you have not been there during the winter, it is worth the trip.


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A reflection following a light snowfall (Larchmont, New York)—February 3, 2013. The reflection was flipped 180°.

Leidschendam - Stompwijk



The clouds above the tombolo on Lake Superior look like rays spreading across the sky. Winter, Cook County, Minnesota.


Shot with a 3-stop nd grad and a 10-stop Singh-Ray Mor-Slo filter. Love this filter!

This is from winter 2014 in the southern part of Oregon. Hadn't meant to post this tonight, but accidentally uploaded in Public, so gonna go with it. At home until Monday, so will try to catch up while home.

Haukilahti, Espoo, Finland


Haukilahti beach at dawn. It is now getting warmer again, so all the nice sea ice patterns are now gone.


Shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L and Lee GND 0.6 hard filter. Processed with Lightroom.

explore #293

02.Jan.2009 ~ many thanks for all your kind comments, invitings and awards ~ ;-)


we have no snow, but it is very cold ~ this is also winter ;-))


On a dull, grey day, we need to have our illusions to make it through the colourless winter!


Panoramic stitch of Kabelvag, Norway, after a snow storm, late afternoon light.


It was a warm day today in California, but because of this year's drought, many trees are already turning brown, 2 months early.


Warning: I will shamelessly use the same Game of Thrones inspired title in a few more uploads in the coming months.

Below, please see the photo of the plant I used for this image. Should have been well on its way to the compost pile by now. :)


Hi, like my new hat?

The latest fashion this winter! ;-))

Explore: 2013.01.22 - highest # 141 - Danke an alle - Thanks to all

This picture is from March, 2011. But we did receive our first snowfall of significance on Saturday.

A Winter Garden at the Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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