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Judgement, good decisions, mistakes, fair (adj.) trade, fairness (noun), Happy (adj.) Happiness, Wealth, Wisdom Wellness, LOHAS, stretch, coffee keeps me up (awake), wake up.


Be Part of the Solution... Learn Meaningful English, and communicate what's important_\!/


3 Finger "Sustainability English"


Sustainability English is a project of the McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce.

The whiteboard in my office.

learn something new everyday

why this picture has over a hundred views, I'm not quite sure...

Yes, this is a robot cow. You got a problem with that?

What is the square root of moof squared? 42?

part three of our whiteboard of manliness

There is no theory of evolution, just animals Chuck Norris let live...

As you can see, lobster sticks to magnet

Do Not Taunt The Network! - as seen in the Sprintlink NOCC

Under the category "What I wish I knew before college," Schipulites' parting advice to intern Chris Minor as he heads off his first job to his first year of college included "Skip class only for sex." !!!