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Nikon D5000

Nikkor 18-200

HDR 3 scatti


Dati Scatto

Aperture: f 11

Speed: 5.0 s

ISO 200

Focal length: 18mm


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Couldn't quite believe the reaction to the photograph I posted at the weekend of a water vortex. As things stand, it has become my most viewed image on Flickr to date with just a few views short of 25,000! Thanks everyone for the loads of great comments, they're very much appreciated.

The picture of the vortex was one of three that I took, the other two taken of the vortex from the outside, so to speak.

I had a good day of shooting recently on the coast of Fife near Elie. Well, good up to a point.


I particularly like shooting Lady’s Tower as a subject but there is also the lighthouse and quite a lot of nice beaches and rock formations. This is obviously a photograph of some of those rocks and the wash of what was quite a strong swell.


If you follow my stream you may have read about the tsunami that soaked me and my kit that day and this shot was about half an hour after that washout. I’d rung myself out, my kit was wiped down and continued to work perfectly but I can’t say the operator was still in the best of conditions. Saying that, you can’t just give up because of a bit of water. You need to show some perseverance in this game if you going to get that winning shot.


Nikon D700 f11 iso 800 27mm 1.2 sec ND106 Filter


Accepted Welsh Int Salon 2012

This is one of my first photos with my new Nikon D800.


Taken in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Vizcaya) with the famous rock formation known as the Cathedral of the Sea in the background.


Hitech ND 3 stops + Hitech reverse GND 2 stops.

Getting down on the wet and slippery rocks of Pemaquid, Maine :))


(HTWMAMFF) Happy This Wave Made A Momentary Fence Friday ;)

A view of Sunny Isles Beach, FL across the Intracoastal Waterway from Aventura, FL.

a copy of the "water of Life" photo which has topped 500 Favs thanks everyone!



A lot of rain can sometime be a "pain", but it creates some lovely waterfalls.

One of my favorite songs, the seductive, soothing sound of falling water. This particular small falls was music to my ears, and eyes.


Taken near Sol Duc Falls.


The full tumbling falls below:


Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Winter weekend.

at Oban Village; Argyll and Bute council area of Scotland.

Planina intermittent field, Slovenia

Shawnigan Lake reimagined using Flaming Pear.

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thank you all very much for your comments and favs

On our journey home May 3, 2016 at Lake Pukaki in the South Island of New Zealand.


Lake Pukaki is the largest of three roughly parallel alpine lakes running north-south along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin on New Zealand's South Island.


The glacial feed to the lakes gives them a distinctive blue colour, created by glacial flour, the extremely finely ground rock particles from the glaciers. Lake Pukaki covers an area of 178.7 km², and the surface elevation of the lake normally ranges from 518.2 to 532 metres above sea level.


The lake is now part of the Waitaki hydroelectric scheme. The lake's original outflow was at its southern end, into the Pukaki River. The outflow has been dammed, and canals carry water from Lake Pukaki and Lake Ohau through the Ohau A power station to Lake Ruataniwha. Pukaki is also fed by the waters of Lake Tekapo, which are diverted through a canal to a power station on Pukaki's eastern shore (Tekapo B station). The lake has been raised twice to increase storage capacity (9m in 1952, and 37m in 1976 ), submerging Five Pound Note Island, which once appeared on New Zealand's five pound note.

For More Info:

Taken in Swizerland..but I cant recollect the place now..:(

The water is really flowing on the Mckenzie River! The water here is so clear and blue I increased the saturation of the whole scene but I had to reduce the saturation and brightness of the Aqua in the water.

Water cascading and falling in Ricketts Glen State Park.



Pentax K-5

SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



© 2016 stefanorugolo | All rights reserved.

Schrems / Austria

Coniston Water in Cumbria, England is the third largest lake in the English Lake District. It is five miles (8 km) long, half a mile (800 m) wide, has a maximum depth of 184 feet (56 m), and covers an area of 1.89 square miles (4.9 km2). The lake has an elevation of 143 feet (44 m) above sea level. It drains to the sea via the River Crake.


The lake was formerly known as "Thurston Water", a name derived from the Old Norse personal name 'Thursteinn' + Old English 'waeter'. This name was used as an alternative to Coniston Water until the late 18th century.


In the 20th century Coniston Water was the scene of many attempts to break the world water speed record. On August 19, 1939 Sir Malcolm Campbell set the record at 141.74 miles per hour (228.108 km/h) in Bluebird K4. Between 1956 and 1959 Sir Malcolm's son Donald Campbell set four successive records on the lake in Bluebird K7, a hydroplane.

Wave Breaking Backwards as it hits The Shore.

Sunset Cliffs San Diego

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