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Ladies and Gentleman!

Step right up! and witness Dali juggling on her amazing unicycle! *circus song here* :P


Juggler on a very tall unicycle...

Thought he should have chained up his tire!

Kinder-esque Toys 50mm High

Towing a buggy... dressed for success . . .

Funny funny funny. You really need to look at the larger picture to check out their faces properly. XD


Taken with my Samsung S1065.

I'm beginning to feel irrelevant. I need to ride my unicycle.


Hereios : The X Spot paying tribute to Studio d'Xavier.

Polaroid 600(sans SE), 667 film(expired)

28. April 2014

Why do you drag with 4 wheels when you can fly with one? If you are ready to take off call 555-READYTOFLY and try our unicycles.


(FS Industries is not responsible for accidental explosions of Hexastidryl-phosphate tanks)

pnbr philly naked bike ride

A lone bicycle tyre rests against a fraction of the mural "Trees Burn While Flowers Bloom" by Tyler Keeton Robbins seen at

Flickr buddies Brandy and Sarah are inspiring me to try to take photos solo at my place. Their photos are awesome, very interesting, and personal. So yeah...I'm going to try more of that. This is my first night of trying to unicycle, and so far I'm awesomely bad at it. The first time it snowed this Fall, I was reminded that it is going to be a long ass winter, and I may need another hobby. Here's to staying inside for the next 8 months! (Maybe in that time, I'll find the time to sweep my hallway.)

Taken for Our Daily Challenge: ROUND is the topic for Wednesday March 3 2015

... Je rentrais chez moi en voiture lorsque soudainement devant moi cette jeune personne traversait la rue sur un étrange appareil. Ce qui m'a étonné est qu'elle parlait sur son portable, le iPod aux oreilles et avait accroché à l'épaule son sac de yoga Lululemon ... et ça dans un style et élégance incroyable. Étant sur le tard, (autour de20h) avant que j'ai pu faire les réglages et à la vitesse avec laquelle elle se déplaçait font que j'avais du mal à faire une bonne mise au point... mais, ça ajoute au charme de la photo... Quel beau spectacle, J'en reviens toujours pas ... *Encore une fois, j'étais heureux d'avoir avec moi mon appareil photos...



One of the tallest I've ever seen . . .

Not something you see everyday . . . .

Local Nashville Unicyclist

Kurtis learning to ride my unicycle. This picture is really blurry and noisy, oh well.

an expression speaks a 1000 words this guy need have talked all evening

I've seen people ride bikes in the parks hundreds of times, but this was actually the first time I've seen someone riding downhill on a unicycle. It was actually pretty cool and if I had that type of balance I might even try it, but for now I think I'll stick to two wheels.. Lol




Canon t4i / Canon EF-S 18-55mm


Lightroom 5




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A unique way of life in Eagle, Idaho.

If you liked the Unicycle Rover but did not like to explore the surface of the planets alone, try our new Unicycle Rover for two. Two seats, twice fun.


(CAUTION. The second seat is not suitable for child restraint systems)

tons of fun at cahoots 2017

photos courtesy of Lyf Stolte

another gem amidst the charred remains of a burnt out squash court. This place is due for imminent demolition; it may already be gone


the unique urban artwork of phlegm


please press 'L' or click on the pic to view it large

Somewhat later he took to using a tall unicycle (5 feet?)

Juggling Knives while riding a unicycle



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