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آلآمـــــآرآت ♥


ياشموخ العزڪـله

ياامارات السلام

زينڪـ ربي بحله

زادعشقڪـ والغرام

زايد إلي مد ظله

فى خليفه لڪـ وسام


ياامارات السعاده

فرحه اعيادڪـ زياده

فيڪـ اوصاف الرياده

زينڪـ ربي ودام


دولـــــــة الآمـــآرآت

تستآهلونَ يآ أهل دآر زآيـــــد =)



All Right Recerved By {и} pнoтograρнy ♥


Nothing is prettier than our sky this morning and every day... :)


Photo Un-Edited.


ίη©ọмрЃəŦə ΛŽ was listening to Pink Floyd.

The Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Sorry ive been missing for a week odd but this is why... as I was back in Dubai again on a massive photo shoot throughout the entire city! Here is my first edit taken from a rooftop on the Marina


Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along a two mile (3 km) stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline and accommodates more than 120,000 people in residential towers and villas


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U A E <3

Taken & Editing By : THeeba ® (AD)


modeling: my brother's car




© THeeba © (AD)


Copyright for this photo belongs solely to THeeba © (AD)

Images may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without the expressed, written permission of the photographer.

Don't you just LOVE this country :)

Taken By : A Friend


المنهج اللي رسمته يأبونا العود

عليه باقين والآمال تتجدد


والمنهل اللي بذلته وما عليكم زود

شعبك صباح ومسا من مورده يورد


Words: H.H M7ammad Bn Rashed Almaktoum


My czns 5alood and 7amood.

Shot taken by my czn Maryamii


Please say mashallah

All by : me

Happy national day to all of u ;**

*Its an old pic*


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Emirati Arabi Uniti in Expo Milano 2015.

Il Padiglione EAU - uso sostenibile

Al termine di Expo 2015, il padiglione sarà smontato, spedito e quindi ricostruito presso la città a basse emissioni di carbonio di Masdar, negli EAU.

Il design a cura di Foster + Partners incorpora materiali robusti, in grado di resistere alle dure condizioni climatiche del deserto. Le pareti, alte 12 metri, creeranno delle aree ombreggiate incorporando i principi dell'etica sostenibile di Masdar.


Following Expo 2015 the UAE Pavilion will be disassembled, shipped and then re-constructed at the low-carbon Masdar City in the UAE. Foster + Partners' designs incorporate robust materials capable of surviving harsh desert conditions. The 12-metre-high walls will create self-shaded areas, reflecting the principles embodied in Masdar's sustainability ethos.


تعبت يا جماعه من الناس اللي تحاول تقلد

ومثل ما قلت من اول الواحد مب عيب يتعلم

من غيره بس العيب انه يقلد والمشكله يكون

التقليد واضح


الله يسامح


Baldee Ya Emartee Fdeet ar'6ach Ya Emaratee

Yr7mk Rbee Ya Zayed Ya abn sultan kafayah klna ndf3 rba elensan

Yzeen asmah atha 8eltah bshfatee

Rbina b3thah w b3th bladee..

Fdeetch Ya Emaratee .. FdeetCh Ya Emaratee..


Amoot feech Ya bladee ....


Taken By : My lIl Bro

idea: My idea

editing bY : Me (F)

i Dont Like it !


but "they" ask me to post it !


So what Do u think !?


Photographed by: ● Creative Ξye ● © 2007. All rights reserved.

going to uae for the weekend:D

twa99oon bshay?:p


350+ photo stacked for this trail.

I miss UAE .. walla walla walla i miss uae :(


taken by : ya5sara..


Sant kilda beach .. melbourne


if ur from UAE add ur Self :P

full view


Model: UaeLatino


القوس قوسك والسهام سهامك

مالي على رمشـــاً تسله قوّه


انا اســــــيرك واقفـاً قــــدامك

واللي تبا تسويه فيه ســـــــوّه


وثقت في قلبك وطيب انسامك

ماظن تظلم وانـــت فيك امروّة


قلبي رهيف ولا يروم هيامــــك

توه تعلم كيف يعــــــــشق توّه


قلبـــاً قطفته لا تــــــرص احكامك

خفف على قلبـــــــاً حتمت بجوّه


يفــــــــــداك لكنه يشيل احلامك

ملكك ولا لي منه غــــــــير انخوّه


بك زين من راسك يــــ لين ابهامك

والليل ياخذ من صباحك ظـــــــوّه


ما يحجب الويه الصبوح اللـــــثامك

طلتك دايــــــــــم يالحلى محلوهـّــ


For any Emiraty house, " Gahwah " & " R6b " will be found, at any time of the day and under any circumstances , morning, night, Happiness and sadness. Whether you are in health or sickness you will find them in there.



Taken & edited by me


Special thanks for the one, who raised me with his care and suggestions to the point where I inspired the theme of this picture, and who supported me till I get the broad idea of it... btw, the title & the description from him ..:) thank u ][ Prince Shj ][



في القلب حبج ترسخ يا بلادي


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