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The fish pool in the tea house is beautiful.

The truth is out there.

The Eslite bookstore we go is the biggest bookstore in Taiwan, not just in Taipei. It took us some time to visit it. We were trying to find where KJ's book is, and we think it might be in the Computer Network area, but we are wrong. Because the name of KJ's book mentioned about "Encyclopedia", so the bookstore put the book in the Reference area. But it's a book to teach people how to use and write articles on Wikipedia, not for reference!! :(


Jimmy is on the right looking at those reference books. Do you know where KJ's book is? Let's hide and seek. :)

Well, Taipei 101 looks good at this time. :)

Professor Lin sent Jimmy an Chinese writing. On the writing it's the slogan of Chinese Wikipedia. It means "Wiki is to share the knowledge, just like the river goes to the sea" literally.

Now we also can have Intel Macs in Taiwan. We find this Mac in the Apple Center inside the Eslite bookstore. I think the Morph software is interesting so I take the picture.


Maybe someday I will buy a Intel Mac, too. :)


But....yup, have you noticed who is not in the picture?:P

We hold the Taiwanese Wikipedian Meetup with Jimmy in a tea house in Taipei. The tea house sells many kinds of tea just like this picture. I think the tea is not bad.


KJ is showning the menu to Jimmy so he can know what we will eat later.

Well, someone said Taiwanese like to have the V pose when taking pictures, but in this picture Jimmy also did the same pose....:D


You are not supposed to be shy, Titan. It's not like you.

When we go to the Eslite bookstore by MRT, some art student recognized Jimmy and ask for taking a photo.


Hi Jimmy, I have sent the picture to the art student already. :)


When Jimmy is with us, he also chat with some foundation members on-line by using the IRC. Have you noticed that Jimmy uses a Intel Mac?

In this card you can see our signs and our words to Jimmy. Oh ya, and the stamp. :D It means "Wikimedia Foundation" literally.

We sent Jimmy a Chinese stone stamp, which has words "維基媒體基金會". In literally it means "Wikimedia Foundation". :)


Theodoranian told Jimbo that in China, the emperor will use a stamp to put his name on the paper to show the authority power. So that means Jimbo is an emperor in the Wikimedia world. :)

Jimmy told us about the story how the elephant became the symbol of Russian Wikipedia.

KJ's latest book has been published just few days ago. Jimmy congratulates her good job.

The poster lists the schedule of Taiwanese Wikipedian Meetup. Jimmy just sign his name on the poster. :)

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