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Beauty seen is never lost, God's colors all are fast


True Colors by Phil Collins


Recommended view - True Colors On Black


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Have a great Monday.

Explore #98 on Monday, January 5, 2009

A very wet trip to Cray Falls in Wharfedale proved challenging to say the least. I'm under a golfing umbrella for this shot! It's the only image to make the cut due to the ridiculous amount of rain on filters and camera. Still worth it though.

Thanks for looking and have a great week everyone.

I'm very sad to hear of Sam Shepard's passing today. I suppose most people would know him from movies but to me he's always been and will always be one of the greatest English-speaking playwrights of all time. This one is for him. (btw, 'True West' is the title of one of his plays) R.I.P.

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The first young of her third brood hatched this morning. She's strong and proud.

*** Centro Habana, Cuba ***


• You can admire many interesting and colorful buildings dating from the late 18th century and the 19th century in the Centro Habana district. Many are worn by time and many are undergoing renovation. But the fact remains that they are fascinating and a visit is a must ... on foot, of course!


• On peut admirer de nombreux bâtiments intéressants et très colorés datant de la fin du 18ème siècle et du 19ème siècle dans le quartier Centro Habana. Beaucoup sont usés par le temps et beaucoup sont en cours de rénovation. Mais le fait demeure qu'ils sont fascinants et une visite s’impose ... à pied, bien sûr !


• Se puede admirar muchos edificios interesantes y coloridos final del siglo 18 y el siglo 19 en el Centro Habana. Muchos están gastadas por el tiempo y muchos están siendo renovado. Pero el hecho es que son fascinantes y una visita obligada ... a pie, por supuesto!


Painted all over the wall.

Bye, November! Have a perfect day!

The True Grit of Dartmoor, as the Sun goes down behind Great Staple Tor it sends a lovely little Sunburst through a gap in the Huge Granite Rocks, with so much Myth and Legend, Dartmoor has to be one of my favourite places, and this one of my many favourite Tors to photograph.


With the Wildlife now easing off for me I shall be getting my eye back in on the Land/Seascapes over the next month or so, having said that I have hundreds of Wildlife pics to post so will be trying to keep my photostream content varied for all that follow my ramblings :)


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Hilversum, The Netherlands - Beeld en Geluid

A glass facade and it's reflection from the NIBG-Institute in Hilversum, The Netherlands.


Press 'F' if you like it.

Mauritius Island , Taken by Christos.


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i can't sleep in.


each morning i wake up and see the first light peeking through our blinds around 5:45 am and i start thinking about this hill. if i followed my heart, i would be here for every sunrise.


on sunday morning, i spotted some fluffy goodness in the sky, grabbed a cup of coffee, drove to my magical spot and this was waiting for me. i gave thanks to the cloud goddesses and promised to return:)


I hope you all have a magical week ahead! xo



Blavand Beach after sunset

(Trim off bottom).. We quite often see these pink cast skies over the sea.. as the sun sets.. behind me.. no filter or colour alteration.. used.. View On Black


HPPT.. have a super day.. thanks for stopping by..

I recongnize that this picture has been taken a gazillion times, but it was my first time, and I found this creation to one of the most inspiring places I have ever seen. Fallingwater. Frank Lloyd Wright.

Explore 02/06/2009 # 461

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Yellow flowers at Temple Zu Lai. Check it out murilo's version. Mine is greenish, his is orangish.


Today's soundtrack: Hay un Son - Orishas


Holy Cow! 30 years without the king. New of my faves from the great Elvis


Today's soundtrack updated: Burning Love - Elvis Presley


Singapore Botanical Gardens.

See, I can do nature too!

Explore Jan 27th 2011 #444

Los Baños de Doña María de Padilla


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For all my flickr friends, bright strong colours to help fight the grey and dark spaces most of us seem to have affecting our lives at one time or another.

Best viewed full screen, they were sharing a pine cone.

There was a true stillness in this corner of Melchsee by the lake in Teufiboden.


The clouds slowly sank into the mountains through the hours that led to an enveloping ground fog in Melchsee Frutt.

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