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City Airport, London, UK.


My favourite shot from the recent night shot session with flatworldsedge.


It's one landing and one starting plane in a 100 seconds exposure shot. In the background you can see the O2 and Canary Wharf.

Una tijereta sobre la pista 07 da la sensacion que va despegando

June 30 2014; Newport News - Williamsburg PHF. Doing a few touch-and-goes.

One hour of my evening's work, would have been longer but once again I forgot that the camera cuts off after 100 shots and I need to re-trigger it. Clear skies got a good star trail going, and the circuit traffic is visible after taxiing out, as is Bonus 74 returning from an airways trip flying a hold and then just intercepting the ILS before the camera stopped. Numerous airliners are visible through the overhead, as is a helicopter routing through the CIT just as Bonus arrived at the beacon. Not bad for a first effort at aircraft trails, a busier night would have been interesting - and I wonder if I should have used a wider aperture. This was ISO 400, 30s, f/4.5 using the Sigma 10-20mm lens at 20mm.

Performing touch-and goes at Ottawa for crew training.

Airbus Military


Airbus A400M Grizzly

C/n 006

Glasgow Airport

9th October 2013


Departing to Inverness in search of stronger wind conditions.

Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker 80118


RAF Mildenhall


25th February 2017

A EA-6B Prowler from VAQ-134 makes the break at OLF Coupeville.

I've noticed you're around

I find you very attractive

Would you



A Growler gets through PDX on a bounce and go.

Realized I never posted this one, so I dug it back out.

Taken at the Canton/Akron airport, probably 1986. This is the 737 we were in when I took the photo of the Lear (elsewhere in this stream) labeled "wing to wing." It sure was loud when this big tub flew over us.


(Back in the mid 1980's I was on a shoot for USAir, where we shot stock footage for them to use as needed. For 2 days we hopped in different jets while Clay Lacy followed us in his Lear. He filmed us for a couple of hours, then we would land at Canton/Akron airport, so we could shoot dozens of touch-and-go's. Then they would land again, pick us up, and go back to Pittsburgh to get on another jet and do it again. We did this for 2 days. It was a fun shoot.)

14-7-2014 - Boeing Company, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.




Aircraft was built in 2013 and was delivered to Boeing to use a test/demo aircraft on 23-4-2013.

C/n - 41988/126

Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker 80118


RAF Mildenhall


25th February 2017

Day one of the Labor Day Lift Off event in Colorado Springs.


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