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All rights reserved Tim Kern for the tattoo and R. Heran photo. Please don't rip off my tattoo, use your own ideas!

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This was taken about an hour before it was finally finished. The bell and other item are done in 'gold' and there's a little more cloud action.

tattooed Feb 20,2008


by Peter Jung(ACE Tattoo)

668 E. Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10457


Tattoo: Tattoo Pioeuvre

1357 Hart, Trois-Rivières

Tel: 819.701.1021


Copyright Rainer Topf

Tattoo, left arm, an anniversary gift from my wife. Done by a far superior artist to the right arm, for a far superior price. I keep wanting to get full sleeves, and cover my entire left arm, but the funds never appear.

XIII Convenção Internacional de Tatuagem



Copyright © 2009 Akira pS. All Rights Reserved.

Reprodução Proibida - ® Todos os direitos reservados


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completed tattoo! it's about time.

Jan's finished tattoo

tattoo, teenager, red hot chili peppers

This Thai boy just had a swim in a pond of the waterfalls. His tattoo back was drying in the sun.

By Reed at Mean Street Tattoos in Bensalem, PA

Tattoo Artist - Xam

Frith Street Tattoo


Done @ Heaven 'n' Hell Tattoos & Piercings in Falkirk, Scotland.

Wolf Pelt Tattoo and owl

Man Day, 2010 Atlanta, GA

Sin Ley Tatuajes. Vigo

Tattoo ideas and meanings,

feather tattoo means - Creativity, rebirth and spiritual elevation.


Sin Ley Tatuajes. Vigo

Here is another beautiful model with pretty Tattoo.

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