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Ben Lomond not long after sunset. We had only just arrived a the sun was almost totally set. Last night I was the first time I have been out in my Dad's Campervan that hes been working on over the last couple of months. We decided to stop in at a lay-by beside Loch Lomond. I stayed out on the beach till about 3am with a fire,a cuppa tea and a load of biscuits! I done a few timelapse shots of the stars, turned out pretty good for my first time, just wish I had done it longer!


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sunset on the west coast of Guernsey

nice and sunny day this week, we can see sunset again 這幾天春來了,雨水不多,又可以看到夕陽了

Sunset from Winmalee in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia....with a cockatoo flying past

Using a small aperture results in a nice sun-star with this wonderful little lens. I cropped the image in a 5:2 ratio to make it look like a panorama, after de-fishing it with DxO Optics Pro.

In recent weeks, was rained a lot in Piedmont, and in this grove is still a pool of water to remind us.

I have the opportunity to photograph the reflections of the sunset.

Good day to you all


Italian version:

Nelle scorse settimane e' piovuto molto in piemonte,e in questo pioppeto resta ancora una pozza d'acqua a ricordarcelo.

Ne ho approfittato per fotografare i riflessi di questo tramonto.

Buona giornata a tutti


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- Canon 30D

- Sigma EX DC 10-20 HSM

- Tripod Manfrotto 190 xprob + manfrotto 804RC2 3D head


Copyright © 2011 GALLETTO MARCO - CUNEO - ITALY - All rights reserved.

Yesterday`s sunset from Brensholmen.

The most spectacular sunset I've seen for a while. Exposure was bracketed -2- 0-+2 stops & merged to cover the trees & foreground, the sky is not far off the actual colour as seen.

(Even Suzy, bottom, right was impressed)

Taken during a beautiful sunset near Kassel, Germany.


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Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. ~~Ralph Waldo Emerson



Nikon Coolpix AW110


Sunday sunset and reflection - Western Lake near Grayton Beach, Florida

Sunset on a Lake in Western Finland.


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This sunset picture is not HDR as my shots usually are. Best viewed on black.


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A boat sailing towards a magical sunset in Key West.

Sunset over Lake Hawea, Otago, NZ

Sunset at Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove. CA

Sunset skies over Clatteringshaws Loch in the Galloway Forest. I decided after watching the weather forecast, that it seemed the only place for a possible sunset was around the Galloway Forest, which looked as if it was having a 3 or 4 hour window of sunshine before sunset, then heavy rain coming in. When sunset came, with heavy clouds coming in behind, it created this stunning sky.


Canon EOS 5D MKII, Canon 17-40mm, F11, 17mm, ISO50, Exp 25 Second

Lee ND 0.9, Lee Hard Grad 0.9

Raw File Processed in Lightroom, Edited in Elements.


Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media without asking my written permission. All rights reserved.....© Brian Kerr Photography 2011



Sunset in Zeeland, the Dutch coast at the Westerschelde

This image is dedicated to the multi-talented artist Sigi Kolbe... for writing and sending me the most amazing testimonial today! Thanks Sigi... this one is for you!!


Yes... I know... it's yet another Vertorama of some sunset clouds over Table Mountain from one of Cape Town's west-coast beaches... yawn! But this was actually quite a magic moment that I almost managed to miss. I was so intent on capturing the setting sun with the waves breaking over the rocks in front of me... that I really only noticed this by chance... when I happened to look over my left shoulder. This was definitely an "Oh Wow" moment for me... I didn't stop to appreciate it though... I immediately turned my camera around on the tripod... and shot off a dozen or so frames. I know that this is a subject that I've photographed to death already... but hey... this looked so good that I just couldn't resist!! :)


Nikon D300, Sigma 10-20mm at 14mm, aperture of f11, with a 1/60th second exposure.


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Sunset hot summerday

Another very warm 22C day which gave great sunset as it shimmered under the low mist..


Also been nearly full 1 month without any real rainfall.


Nikon D7000

300mm zoom


1/100 sec



-1.0 stop down




UV: lee 0.3 filter




many textures


So many things I like about this photo

this is the train tracks although you can't really see them.

A fence with the ttracks behind it XD

Love sunset, powerlines, birds, flag, etc.

Flickr makes it a little darker


view large?

Sunset of Some family


L for large


Sunset on the Rocks


This is one from august. I stumbled over it today as i was looking for a particular shot. I had totally forgotten this session... The rocks in this area is just amazing, and this evening the light played along.


Canon 5d w/polarizer & Lee 0.9 SG

16-35mmL II


Hope you like it!



Sunset in Val d'Orcia - Terrapille with the Gladiators

Sunset after hail

Sunset in the nature reserve Mönchbruch near my hometown.

Simulated effect of an intense sunset at Marina Bay with CS3 & Topaz


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Sunset on Phi Phi island

A boy diving of a pontoon, during spectacular sunset in Budva, Montenegro

Door County Sunset

Clicked on 29th September 2014 during my first Goa visit and this one was among the first few long exposure shots I had with my Hoya ND 400 (9 stop). It was cloudy, rainy during sunset. I had to wait and wait for almost 30 minutes. Drizzling stopped suddenly and then the lights came out magically for 10-15 minutes. Thank God, I could click a few shots before it again started pouring.


Love this Beach. Will visit again


(Just a small NOTE to all my amateur photographer friends- While Shooting with ND filter of this magnitude, the camera live view screen becomes completely Blank and Black and you cant able to see anything material through your view finder. That's an amazing experience though as you need to adjust everything manually including the damn exposure :) :) )



Sunset at Viera Wetlands near Melbourne, Florida.

Sunset at Hellestø beach outside Stavanger, Norway.

A couple enjoys the low view of sunset while I watch the splendor of nature higher up on the hill. Enjoy your week my friends!

At the end of the piers the sunset is in full bloom.

Sunset on the beach at Bandon, Oregon, it was low tide, unfortunately the sand had a lot of foot traffic prints, and the best spot to photograph the "Wizard's Hat" rock formation was occupied for the entire evening by an inconsiderate "sac a douche" photographer. The next morning it was high tide, and it was a cleaner scene, photos coming one day. Recently I have accumulated way too many beach sunset or sunrise photos in my archive, they are all beginning to look the same, so here's two of them for a start.

Sunset in Masai Mara


Sandhill Cranes fly through a winter sunset in the Pacific Northwest.

~ Sunsets & You ~


Sunsets are not a rare commodity

they come and go every night

so i compare you not to a sunset

for you come once in a life

your beauty surpases the colors of the sky

painted anew each night by angels on high

for god himself has sculpted you

he made it so your only seen by few

and you do not hide from the moon

as all the sunsets do

rather you shine bright under its silver light

and you dance all night

you do far more than any sunset would

more breathtaking than any sunset could

sunsets have moved and inspired all man kind since forever

but you move me each moment, to a love that sunsets could never


Poem By ~ Daniel Cook


© Sharon ~ღ~


Martin Tallstrom ~ Forever Young ~

Went to the Quayside for sunset with a few others a while back. when we arrived the usual spots were all taken, must have been about 15 photographers along this section that night!




Tony Dixon, Alex Bell, Amanda Stewart & Jim

Sunset over the Seine river in Paris.

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