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before all hell broke loose ...

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Sometimes storms do not form slowly with a bit of cloud and a few spots of rain; they come in strong and brutal. No mucking about with rain and warning claps of thunder, but with immediate flashes of lightening with no gap between the light and sound. Then the air is filled with ricocheting hailstones as big as golf balls.

Volvia a casa desde el trabajo y la tormenta me perseguia durante todo el trayecto, finalmente instantes antes de que me alcanzara, pare a hacerle un foto.


I was returning home from work and the storm pursued me all the way, in the latest moment before it catches me, I stopped, and made a picture.

Shot outside of Sugar Grove Ohio with a big thunderstorm coming. Thunder and lightning kept rumbling as I shot this one in a little bit of a rush.


3x HDRI, sharpened, keystone corrected, two graduated masks and a signature.

Amazing cloud formation before thunderstorm.

This late May storm over the Sierra closed the high passes for three days. Looking west from the Volcanic Tablelands to the Sierra Nevada.


Hope everyone has a great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by and for all of your kind comments. Photomerge of 4 handheld shots -- I only wish I had managed to capture the top of the clouds!


© Melissa Post 2014.


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With the storms on the Darling Downs the skies are magic, different hues and intensity...was trying for a little rainbow but loved the western sinking sun lighting up the foreground...


Have discovered if drive through the storms a glimmer of sun on the other side always throws up the most beautiful light...:))

A storm front that came across Port Phillip Bay towards Portarlington on December 2nd 2010

Explored | 20.09.2011


Realized with iPhone4


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© simone cento 2011 - All rights reserved

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A storm approaching. 4 shot handheld pano somewhere near Blue springs, MS.


Uploaded from my iPad, DSL Internet at home isn't working

Over the mersey recently

Ieri sera,una strana sera.

Sono salita sulla terrazza,sul tetto sopra la mia casa,mi sono portata un gelato e la reflex,non si mai........ho pensato.

Mi sono seduta li,sul tetto,pensavo e mangiavo il mio gelato.

All'improvviso è arrivato senza alcun preavviso,il vento,forte.

Il cielo si è riempito di nuvole,la luna non si vedeva più.

Poi è iniziato il concerto,tuoni e lampi,facevano un rumore assordante,non sapevo più dove guardare,non erano solo sopra di me,erano anche distanti.

Mi sono accorta che stavo bene,non era più una sera "strana",i pensieri...forse un pò di rabbia, li aveva portati via il vento,li avevano risucchiati i lampi che apparivano e sparivano.

Non avevo paura,mi piace il temporale,la pioggia,il vento anche se impetuoso.

Mi sono messa a fotografare,sono rimasta delusa dall'accorgermi che senza un tele,avrei ripreso poca cosa.

Mi scuso per la qualità della foto.Quando ne farò una migliore.....forse la toglierò.....forse anche no........perchè è stato un mio momento....... ♪♫♫

Ezio Bosso - Rumba verso il buco---COLONNA SONORA DEL FILM IO NON HO PAURA

For this image I decided to stack 90 images of the Attica supercell. Made for a pretty neat composition.

This beautiful backlit storm cloud graced our last full day of shooting out in northeastern New Mexico.

Mokala National Park, South Africa - the contrasting deep colours are fascinated. I've found this nowhere else.

It's electrifying!


More inside.

While watching this storm roll across eastern Arizona, we dubbed it a "snoboob" because it had all the appearances of a dust storm but instead it was pure white. Even the time-lapse of this makes it look like a haboob. Whatever it was...shelf cloud, gust was gorgeous to watch, especially as it eventually overtook us and enveloped our area in fog and hail.

District Guaxinduva seen from the window of my house

Bairro do Guaxinduva visto da janela da minha casa

crazy storm clouds over brandshatch from the bsb weekend

Just cropped from a wide angle exposure!


Shot taken last year at Lamontzée (near Liège) in Belgium. Canvas print available here: | | Google+


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. Copyright © 2012 David Herreman. All rights reserved.

I photographed this incredible supercell on September 9th, 2014 near Alexandria, NE.

Incredible storm just N of Pittsworth, Queensland on Sat 17th Nov 2012


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An edit to this photo. Cropped a bit and lightened up some of the darkness.


A final storm chase of the season


The weather gods offered one more opportunity to capture some nice stormy shots before retiring until next year. I chased this storm from front to back, before setting up behind it to catch some of the lightning it was spitting out.

Explore September 8, 2008 #439


July Storm


This is one of my regular spots to take sunsets. I was here for only a few minutes, for I feared that I could get hit by lightening. I couldn't get over how colorful everything was and fierce the sky looked. I got out of there fast.


BTW. There was no friggin way that I was going any further into that field. Nuh I went far enough. ;-)


A field near my house. The clouds were incredible against the green of the fields. I did get a bit wet shortly after this was taken!

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