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what is this contraption that has color & plays music? we don't have anything like this at home!


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_stevenh: Where are you?


cathiehong: @_stevenh amanda's :)


joanshim: Nice ride, Ollie!


What one would see as they entered this building from the front.


Doors Open Toronto 2006


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christinejpham: Cool photo, Cathie ;)


skippee: Such an awesome photo!


juleschin: Somebody looks happy!!! Hi cutie!


_stevenh: Where is this? Playground?


cathiehong: @_stevenh yeah by their house :)


monkida: Awesome photo!!


susiepyo: What a great pic of the little stud.


Seattle Police Plymouth Satellite


© StevenH. Robinson 2009


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_stevenh: Where is this?


cathiehong: #sunset


cathiehong: @_stevenh yesterday driving on the 133. practicing safe driving, as always ;)



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juleschin: That looks so fun and refreshingnn


susiepyo: They all look so happy!



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_stevenh: This looks soothing. Maybe we hit up the jacuzzi tonight.


christinejpham: Very nice!!


cathiehong: @_stevenh it's a date!


double date night with the sibs at the movies. wahoo.


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juleschin: Good for you! Mark would be jealous! What movie?


_stevenh: Hugo. Thumbs up from me, thumbs down from Cathie


christinejpham: Sounds like fun! I wish I could spend time with my hubby :)


cathiehong: @sameteeth you should!! we can babysit the kiddos for you whenever you're ready :)))


christinejpham: Haha thanks :))


I like this photo of the Eiffel Tower a lot. It was taken by my son as we walked back to the Metro after going to the top of the tower.


This perspective highlights the recursive structure of the 3 stages of the tower. If you look at the image for a while, the scale/perspective ambiguities will become clear. (For example, imagine what the tower would look like as a completely linear structure with no curvature)


I also love the way the lighting worked out here. This is the original jpeg image with no modification. When you respect its limitations, the P150 is a remarkable camera. (And it fits in your front shirt pocket, too :-)


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shanelee74: Nice hair @_stevenh


janeucla: Too cool for school!


amygjung: This is just precious !!


sunhyuk: Absolutely


rosiepyo: can you gel Ollie's hair too?? :)


juleschin: So. Cool. I expect no less from my bro and his firstborn.


skippee: What an awesome photo~ a classic!!


susiepyo: So.adorable.


a man, a boy & the ocean. @_stevenh


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juleschin: Did he love it again?


cathiehong: @juleschin he did! wish you guys could have been there too!


skippee: Wow~ great shot!



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cathiehong: thanks for the rec, @kcwhitelight! o loves it here :)


kcwhitelight: Yay! What a nice day to go there!


joanshim: So cute! Looks like a fun place.


_stevenh: Haha. Who is that?


cathiehong: @_stevenh some stranger haha


mrssuelee: A little bit of baby butt crack would've been perfect here!


cathiehong: @mrssuelee exactly what I was thinking :)


Seattle Police Plymouth Satellite


© StevenH. Robinson 2009

The Tacoma Glass Museum is located adjacent to the US Federal Courthouse, the Washington State Historical Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum and the University of Washington Tacoma Campus. © StevenH. Robinson 2014.


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christinejpham: About 1.5years at most and it's over :))


amandaltl: yeah for real maybe after 2 years? :))


janeucla: Seriously. There's the one year molars then two year molars. Sorry :(


_stevenh: This thread is not very encouraging.


mrssuelee: And they all fall out eventually


joanshim: HAHA.



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janeucla: Ollie and his future ring leader of toddler crimes. Haha.


rosiepyo: Ooh it looks fun over there!


_stevenh: Derek is a gangster


mrssuelee: I wish they had more time to play together!


happy three years, @_stevenh . you are & always will be my most favorite. <3


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vivatveritas: Happy anniversary! You guys look too cute!


mrssuelee: So sweet. Happy anniversary! Love y'all!


littlej214: This is such a lovely picture of your family...<3 Happy anniversary!


graceepooh: Happy anniversary s&c!!!


joanshim: Happy 3!!


susiepyo: Happy anni guys!


kchien: Happy wedding celebration :0)


jennchoooi: Love this pic of u guys!!



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sharchung: Cuties. You doing ok, catt?


cathiehong: @sameteeth he seems to do decently :) @sharchung I'm good! how are you guys?!


mrssuelee: I'd like to take the seat in between them pls.


janeucla: Ollie is a serious lounge master.


_stevenh: @janeucla learns from the best :)


monkida: Now that's the life!


sunhyuk: I like the caption. They really look like seasoned couch-potatoes. Ha ha ha...


__christinelee: Love the lounging


(what this site used to look like a couple years ago)

happy birthday to my two loves! i love you both so so much! #happybirthday #29and2 #daddyson


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kristinahm: I saw your little guy on the LA times site last week at the Land of Nod opening! I was like, HEY I know that kid!


rexnbee: Happy birthday to both!!!


joanshim: Happy birthday, kiddos!! @_stevenh




mrssuelee: Happy double birthday!! @_stevenh


janeucla: Awesome. Happy bday O and @_stevenh !


summerharms: how fun!!!


susiepyo: Happy birthday to both of them!!



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monkida: Awwwwh!


susiepyo: Loving his hair!!


juleschin: Cutie pie!


_stevenh: The skinny days


skippee: awww~ a mini teeny tiny version of your ollie. love this~!


Photograph by Steven. Seen from the tram ride into the McBride Gardens at the National Tropical Botanical Garden on Kauai

he brings me this "book" to read. sure, why not! #hisfathersson #jcrewlove


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joanshim: Train 'em young.


stephie_yu: Hahaha #theappledoesnotfallfar


miriamxlee: Hahah, Imy favorite book!


mrandmrshase: Hahaa


samanthazhang: Lol I trashed it right when I got it in the mail. Can't even look or I'll be tempted!


_stevenh: Lol--its cuz i read it to him yesterday after reading him snuggle puppy five times--p.s. I spy muffins


mrssuelee: Lol!


janeucla: That's awesome.


Identifier: baltimoreohioemp06balt

Title: Baltimore and Ohio employees magazine

Year: 1912 (1910s)

Authors: Baltimore and Ohio employees magazine Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company

Subjects: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company

Publisher: [Baltimore, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad]

Contributing Library: University of Maryland, College Park

Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation


View Book Page: Book Viewer

About This Book: Catalog Entry

View All Images: All Images From Book


Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.


Text Appearing Before Image:

COMBINATION WORK S Ul Tl THE MOST COMFORTABLE WORK GARMENT IN THE WORLD Cumberland Division Correspondents E. C. Drawbaugh, Division OperatorW. C. MoNTiGNANi, Secretary, Y. M. C. A.Laura E. Lingamfelter, Stenographer, Mainte-nance of Way Department Division ArtistMable R. Crawford, Tonnage Clerk, DivisionAccountants Ojjice Divisional Safety Committee J. W. Deneex Chairman, Superintendent T. K. Faherty Vice-Chairman, Assistant Superintendent T. R. Rees Secretary E. P. Welshonce Trainmaster, West End 62 THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO EMPLOYES MAGAZINE


Text Appearing After Image:

MR. AND MRS. CARL WHITE ANDDAUGHTER, LENORE E. C. Ghoveh .Trainmaster, East End L. J. WiLMOTH Road Foreman, East End M. A. Carney Road Foreman, West End W. T. Hughes Division Engineer T. R. Stewart Master Mechanic E. C. Drawbauoh Division Operator Dr. J. a. Dorner Medical Examiner Dr. J. H. Mayer Medical Examiner G. R. Bramble Freight Agent W. D. Strouse Joint Agent L. O. Miller Car Foreman, East End R. A. TuLL Car Foreman, We-st End F. L. Leyh Storekeeper E. A. Workman Storekeeper Robert Childers Division Claim Agent J. Z. Terrell Freight and Ticket Azent I. S. Sponseller General Supervisor H. D. ScH.MiDT Captain of Police F. A. Tatlor Ma.ster Carpenter W. L. Stevenh ^hop Clerk W. C. Montkjnani. Secretary, Balto. and Ohio Y. M. C. A.M. E. Mullin. . .Absiatunt Maater Mechanic, Kcyser, W. Va. Rotating Members J. C. Hauser Conductor F. Haddix Engmeer II. H. Grimm ,1 J. D. Dekibaiuwi Machinist C. W. RoBiNHON Car In.spector V. B. Katmke Yard Brakeinan Baltimore and Ohio Athletic Associati


Note About Images

Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Photographed by Steven, using the Canon Pro "Super Macro" lens setting.


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dduk bo ssam: my special request for vday dinner. totally worth the 45 min wait!


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juleschin: Yummers!! Did you get a sitter??


cathiehong: @joanshim haha! @juleschin mom & dad :)


skippee: Yum!! Totally awesome valentine's din!


_stevenh: @joanshim you can't see it but I'm wearing a suit and tie under there. Didn't want it to smell like krn BBQ though.


amandaltl: shik do rak? remember going with noella hahaha!


cathiehong: @amandaltl yes! I was just reminding Steven about that but he doesn't remember. don't be offended... he has a really bad memory. :)


amandaltl: aiya! we were stuffing our pregnant selves that time hehe!


mrssuelee: Happy vday date!


Restored facades of two 150+ year-old heritage buildings. Compared to what it was like before.

© StevenH.Robinson 2009


I love the sticker on the trunk lid (boot). Everyone has to make the decision how important the police are when the budget axe comes.


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_stevenh: My favorites :)


monkida: What cuties!


skippee: gorgeous!


juleschin: His hair changed again!! Just like papa!


cathiehong: @juleschin haha! true, true.


sidecar doughnuts > doughnut plant. #huckleberry #cinnamoncrumb #apricotcream #montecristo


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cathiehong: @timsohn we thought it was no contest. texture & flavors were both way better at sidecar.


samanthazhang: Omg yum


rexnbee: @_stevenh what a great dad!!!


mrssuelee: Neeeed to try this place!


monkida: Welcome home! Yum :)


hoice: Love sidecar!! Did you try their stump town coffee?


mimijkim: Looks so good!


cathiehong: @hoice we did, delicious! bought a bag of beans to take home too :)


Photographed by Steven, using the Canon Pro "Super Macro" lens setting.


Worth viewing larger. I like the way the background lighting echos the gecko's iridescent skin coloring.

dream bedding + dream baby = happy mother's day to me. thanks @_stevenh :) #dwellstudio #mothersday


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angiepark: You got it! Looks perfect!


monkida: Love it!


hellohannaj: Where's the bedding from?


cathiehong: @hellohanna252 hey hanna, it's from dwellstudio :)


cindycsu: It looks like Ollie has a new hairdo ;P


cathiehong: @cindycsu I gave him a little trim. it looks kind of dumb-and-dumber-esque :/


rosiepyo: ooooh! hm wish list works huh? may have to give that a try...and then get joe to read my blog... :)


cathiehong: @rosiepyo good luck with that one ;)


is there a version of buyers remorse where you regret not buying something? #howcutearetheseboots #ribbitribbit #latergram


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juleschin: Uh- oops. Loving those pants, too!


angiepark: The look on his face! He looks all better :)


susiepyo: Lookin cute!


_stevenh: It's outfits like this that make strangers say, "aww...she's so cute!"


rosiepyo: too cute! and lol @_stevenh - joe tells me the same thing about James.


cathiehong: @rosiepyo james also has the long curly hair thing going for him ;)


monkida: What a cutie pie!


joanshim: he looks so tall and lean!



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monkida: Definitely a cutie pie!


_stevenh: Why does he have more clothes than his dad?


amandaltl: excellent choice!!


cathiehong: @_stevenh you crazy, honey. you have more clothes than any other guy I know.


jazzyjey: I agree with Cathie.


conconpyo: Kinda really enjoying this thread...stevenh you've been called out!


_stevenh: Wow. Cold blooded.


christinejpham: Hehe :)


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