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Found on heather in the forest (Opglabbeek, Louwel)

The Deuterosminthurus pallipes forma repandus did jump away for the Entomobrya marginata f. pallida : thanks Frans Janssens for ID

Found on heather in the forest (Opglabbeek, Louwel)

Found again between the chive seeds. Here the springtail walks on a leaf of a small sunflower. A yellow leaf, because it has practically not been raining lately...

A lucky shot, because they don't like it to be in the spotlights...

male and female 3

A small follow-up

Found in Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, near the beach (playa Jardín)

This is a stack in Zerene (3 images)

I could say : Isotomurus maculatus, but is it realy a "royal crown with 3 diamonds"-patch on abd 4 ?

Or : do I see 2 white dots on the anterior margin of abd 4 that are typical for Isotomurus pseudopalustris ?

Or : triangle patches on all body segments...


I know nothing ! :-)))

ID : Thanks Frans Janssens

They are on duckweed that grows on a winecork in my little pond.

Today I was in Opglabbeek on a area with heather. It was raining yesterday and perhaps it was time for finding again Heterosminthurus claviger. In large bushes old grass between heather I found some males. This one would stop running for a photoshoot...


Stack in Zerene : 6 images

Left a dark form, right a lighter one.

Found in the park in Opitter.

This morning I went to The Wekeromse Zand in the Netherlands. I hoped to find some wildlife but sadly didn't see any. I did see this flee... at least I think. The photo isn't sharp at all. I attached my lens the other way around so it would be a super macro. It's hard because manual focus is a thing here. I think this little fellow was about half a millimetre and my focus distance about 0.1 millimetres. So yeah super macro.

Does anyone know what kind of bug this is?

Yesterday I was in the forest searching for springtails. I found several Entomobrya sp., one Allacma fusca male and this Lepidocyrtus adult and juvenile.

I gave them probably their first piece of banana and they were no longer on the run for my camera. My back is now also full of mosquito bites that I get during the walk in the Woods...

Podura aquatica

In the background 1 eurocent

A dark male and female and extra a yellow male.

It was a succes story for the dark male...

In the garden on the lawn...


Collembola - Fasciosminthurus quinquefasciatus (dorsal details pattern)

Right : male

Left : female

I was back in Neerglabbeek and found a lot of Dicyrtoma fusca var. rufescens and not even one with the black eyes...


Found them on bark under a pine tree.

It's very dry weather and there are not so many of them to find, but they are still there, now also on the hortensia flowers in the garden.

This one has IMHO a beautiful motif. I have seen it is a male and he is walking on a little mushroom.

On an old sage leave...

Stack in Zerene : 8 images used

Bourletiella hortensis on St.-John's wort - Hypericum perforatum

What springtail would you be able to find here? :-)

I was doing a stack of 27 pictures from the flowercenter when the springtail showed itself.

Saturday(23-06) I was, accompanied by a guide in the nature reserve "Cortenbroeck" in Vlezenbeek, on springtail hunt.

This one I found in mud in the home made Berlese funnel. Extra found...

A short visit to my small pond in the garden. The Geranium macrorrhizum around it puts the pond totaly in the shade now. The springtails are still there together with daphnia, cyclops, snails, rotifera, duckweed ...

A visit in a flowerpot in the garden...


A special patch...

Found in the park (Itterdal) Opitter

Surprise : this one has 2 white dots.

Poppy flower color in the background...

Deuterosminthurus pallipes forma repandus in Centaurea cyanus.


This little springtail did again surprise me when I was making a stack from the flowercenter, so after a short distraction I could continue with the original intention. :-)

Found on the lawn in the garden.

This one has a lighter color than the previous. Found at the same place on the grass in the garden.

I think they are from Desoria trispinata, but I found there also Folsomia sp. , Isotomurus sp. Tomocerus sp. Vertagopus cinereus and I think I have again seen Proisotoma minuta...

Yesterday I was again looking at these little springtails in my garden. I have never seen before a red one. This is a male, he chased everything very violently and came no further than just for a moment head to head with a female.

Found in a flowerpot in the garden and I give it here a petal from a flower to walk on. It is a very tiny springtail and because it is a black point on the petal I can easy follow it.

Fasciosminthurus dictyostigmatus eating the pollen on the white flower.

Female (left) and male (right)

The interantennal spot shows a cross shape with extra ( I'm looking for the variation in this spot)

The little blue springtails are Desoria trispinata.

Found in the park in Opitter

Deuterosminthurus pallipes forma repandus

On monday, I was back on the heather in Opglabbeek early in the morning. At the same place I found this time a Heterosminthurus claviger male. Also several Sminthurus sp. and E. multifasciata.


Frans, I did find the paddle-like interocular setae...


website :


From the garden, climbing...


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