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A woman performs a traditional funeral rite dance on Jindo Island, South Korea. This dance, native to the island, is a national treasure in Korea.

Kim In Sook is renowned for her methodical directing skills that resemble a stage director. Once the artist decides on her subject, she collects related articles and bibliography, and conceives of a story. Kim then creates a set and casts her acquaintances as actors that will effectively deliver the plot.


Saturday Night is work based on a hotel in Dusseldorf, for which Kim has prepared for two years. One facade of th hotel building, where 66 rooms face, consists of many large windows; the interior of the hotel can thus be seen through the windows from the outside at night. Kim composed 66 scenarios that focus of loneliness of moderne people. The building and rooms were shot separately, and the scenes were later combined together to complete the piece.

I'm sixteen!

Today wasn't anything too special. I went out for lunch with a few of my friends and afterwards we went to Red Mango (best yogurt place ever!).


Ahhh, but I miss my close friends and relatives back in the US :(

Two more weeks and I'll be back home!


Oh, btw, this is sooc.



I'm in Korea. Things have just started to settle down and I've gotten used to all of the changes here. I've been stuck in the apartment for days, but tomorrow i'm going to go sightseeing :)

I don't know who they are, but they were really cute. :)

Sorry for all of the flowery photos. Hope you guys don't mind ~

Woraksan, South Korea - October 2018

Built for the 1993 World Expo in Daejeon.

On the rooftop of my aunt's.

I love Korea.

a ballet that created a life size traditional korean instrument. the dancers were supposed to be fingers playing the strings

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