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me flickring Calvo flickring NYX flckring Bunchofpants flickring Rakka....

This is what happens when you upload over 2GB of photos in one month to

Flickr. *udpdated pro account have no upload limit (i think)

Me taking a photo of Caterina taking a photo of a photo held by Mena that Ben took of Mena and Caterina.

On the 7a Tram to Jaskan Grilli Initiation Ceremony with Younghee, Aditya and Raphael.

My favorite, People Taking Pictures.

This is 36 of the "most interesting" photos tagged with catchycolors.


The ctachy colors group is here.


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You can make your own magazine cover out of your favorite Flickr image. Apologies to Tom....but, dude, that hat. Original here.

Me jumping into a meme that started with niffer then spread to bosquetango to emdot

to groc to Rakka

to lure to akitherese to wonderbean.


This is not my "real" phone book--this is the work one. The real one would be Durham, which is an infinitely better place than Raleigh. I should jump into the meme again later from home.

A collage I made when thinking about techmowogy. Or rather the long tail.

Thanks to Leia, I now have protection against rude people, mean people, stupid people, and Wal-Mart clerks. Yay Leia! (Thanks, Ari, for your printing-fu!)

he was blowing a bubble in the photo but part of it was obscured by actual gum.


nice use of gum as picture frame.


Source of 7th layer photo here. Ericson (on phone)

Okay, it didn't really hurt. The KID caught me in full flickr mode whilst hanging at Casa de Slogrl.

we have the same cameras so we took photos of each other like this. nerds.

In recognition of my 1000th flickr photo, I present to you a glimpse of the future, where you'll be able to turn any photo into a real, working postage stamp.


Hold on -- looks like we're there already. How fucking cool is this?

This is an MMS message brought to you by Vodacom. Click here to view online presentation

I took a picture of Stewart taking pictures of Cordy's poloroid pictures. That year's SXSW [where we were photo-ing while preparing for our talk] was the first time Stewart and I discussed something like GNE.

Nice enough to pose and to jump. Hard to tell which is better (this one is better exposed). Nikon, model unknown

Painted media study books, at my department

Ramon looks over my shoulder at this image and says, "So do you know Tom Coates?" and I said, "uh, no". "Then he's no weblogging superstar, is he!?"


Whatever, I thought it was funny.

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