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Twin Cities, Minnesota at dusk. A basic Canon point-and-shoot and a piece of sooted glass. There are more shots in the set

A solar eclipse composite done using "The Pellett Method", which I put together a long time ago. I have to get back to this and refine my technique, as the source photos were shot on very slow film, which should give much better results than I got here.

annular solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse, New Zealand November 2012

Watch time lapse video of the Eclipse


As seen from Bangalore in the afternoon of 15th Jan. Interesting bokeh-like shadows were casted during the time:


The shot was taken without looking through the viewfinder with my Nikon D80. It wouldn't have been possible without a tripod. Had clicked some 500 shots and merged them to create a sequence video.


Warning: Never ever look directly at the sun (even during eclipse) through the viewfinder of your camera. It may cause permanent blindness.


A bit larger size available here

Eclipse from Mt. Evans, CO, Sunday May 21, 2012


Do not look directly into a solar eclipse as it would cause permanent damage to your eyes. I took this shot without looking at the viewfinder. And yes, i did some heavy cropping to get this. I should've bring my 70-200.


This picture looks like u can just take a picture of a sky and add the sun later in photoshop. haha but i can assure you that this is what my camera took. honest! lol

annular solar eclipse

As promised posting a few more shots of the Solar Eclipse I shot yesterday .Shot the Partial Solar Eclipse from my balcony. Have various stages of the same .Will post them .The reason for such a hype is its a total SOlar Eclipse visible in India, though I could see only partial being on the penumbra rather than umbra of the solar eclipse . Its an experience and I am so glad i could see this once in lifetime event. This started at 5.54 India time and ended at 7.18 India time. This the longest Solar eclipse of the 21st Century and only visible in the eastern parts of the world like India, China, Bangladesh, Japan etc . Many parts of the country had monsoon clouds so not many people could see this event . I was just lucky .


Shot from Teradyne West, parking lot in San Jose, CA.

One moment of the Solar Eclipse from beautiful Hampton Plantation State Historic Site, in McClellanville, South Carolina. Took my telescope to the park on a wonderful experience, even when the clouds interfered minutes before totality. Image taken with a DSLR through my old Celestron telescope. The spots you see in the middle are sunspots.

Info: Celestron Firstscope 80EQ 900mm f/11 Refractor Telescope. On my crop factor camera turned into a 1,300 mm telephoto, ISO: 200, Mode: Manual, f/11, 1/750 sec, with cable release. Edit on Lightroom CC.

Location: Hampton Plantation State Historic Site, McClellanville, South Carolina.


another shot of the ring of fire


this photo is part of this time-lapse

I was able to capture some images with sunspots on the sun while photographing partial solar eclipse.

Today we could see a 3/4 solareclipse.

The sky was cloudy, but I could see the moon for the sun.

taken from my front verandah in Brisbane, Queensland. Only up to 83% coverage from this vantage point. I used a polarising filter on a UV filter to try and get some reflection/ring effects - also lucky some planes flew over. Not as exciting as a total eclipse I'm afraid, although the light did dim substantially and there was a momentary night chorus from some birds. Not used to doing this sort of photography so a bit of noise and a bit heavy on the saturation probably.

Views of the Solar Eclipse from NE Iowa, Sony A700 Tamron 200-400.

2017 has been an incredible year for me.


Several trips to locations that seem to be sculptured out of some photographers wet dreams, helped me to take my photographic skills to a new level.


During these trips I was able to meet friends, I only knew through social media before. It was such a pleasure of finally meet them in person!


I opened my instagram account and gained over 1k followers during the first year and, towards the end of the year, I joined fb and started selling my artwork on


The most awe inspiring experience however, was to witness and capture a total solar eclipse for the first time in my life.


My last post of the year therefore shows my latest edit of this unforgettable event.


Happy New Year to all!

one of my faves. Solar eclipse in puerto vallarta. Cloudy day, The sun broke for literally 2 minutes, long enough for this.

You can see the solar eclipse here


Credit: model [link], by ~liam-stock

background [link], by ~fairiegoodmother

Went in and did a little over exposure on the moon only.

EXPLORED - Solar Eclipse 4 of January 2011 view from Gothenburg - Sweden


Please press L


Day 225/365

Solar eclipse from Bryce Canyon National Park. Nikon D7000, 55-200mm @ 200mm, black polymer filter from RainbowSymphony

I liked the flare from the small hand held 9-stop ND filter I used, so decided to embrace its "artistic" merit! Also, I am pleasantly surprised that the sunspots are visible in this shot, which by the way is almost completely SOOC with only minor adjustments and cropping in LR.

A still snapped out of a 4k video of the 2017 solar eclipse

14/11/2012 @ Oak Beach, Queensland, Australia

327 frames

06:18':17" - 06:46':37"

Duration of Totality: 02':05"

17mm, ISO400


Canon EOS 7D with Canon EF 17-40 f/4L USM



14/11/2012 @ Oak Beach, Queensland, Australia

327 λήψεις

06:18':17" - 06:46':37"

Διάρκεια Ολικότητας: 02':05"

17mm, ISO400


Canon EOS 7D με Canon EF 17-40 f/4L USM

My attempt at a composite of the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

My son and parents moments before totality. The quality of light was really strange. It was dark as dusk, but the light looked harsh.

This was taken at around 2 PM .Bangaloreans got to view about 85 per cent of the solar eclipse on January 15, between 11.30 am to 3.30 pm.

On Wednesday, 2009 July 22, a total eclipse of the Sun took place but here from Kolkata we could see only Partial Eclipse. This was the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting at most 6 minutes, 39 seconds. The next such long total eclipse can be seen from India after 105 years

This is what I could capture with my small little camera, without a filter (forgot to attach in hurry) or a tripod and no post processing !

As seen through three pairs of polarized sunglasses. Anything less is too bright and can hurt your eyes.

A collage of photos I took during the partial (Tallahassee, FL) solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. The peak time locally was 2:42 p.m. Eastern with 86-87% occultation.

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