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From Hvaler, Norway.

I urge to to please View On Black


Back to my favorite tiny town in the middle of nowhere; Brownville, Nebraska. This little town clings to life and to the bluffs above the Missouri river. More nature than town, it feels like time stands still when walking amongst the historical buildings. Just far enough from any major city to keep development at bay, it remains in it’s own little time warp.


Texture by "Playingwithbrushes"

I used 2 textures by Kerstin Frank and 1 by Jai Johnson, thank you.

Visually appealing for a photographer, but a regrettable loss of another small crumbling piece of history.

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The property joining this potting shed used to be a Weslyen Chapel . It was demolished some years ago and a house built on the land .The graveyard is still there , so the home owner shares his potting shed with long departed souls for company .

The inscription on the gravestone reads ...

In memory of William Horsfall of Marsden, who died in the 5th year of his age.

Also Thomas the son of Johnathon and Abigail Horsfall of Marsden, who died February 3rd 1854 in the 18th year of his age sad .


Little and great Marsden being a former name of

Nelson .

The property is in Trawden or Trawden Forest to use the full title . Lancashire

A re-edit of a photo from early last year.

Somewhere around Polk County--you'd think I'd remember to geotag these with my iPhone camera, but I sometimes get so excited when the light is good that I forget....

Texture by Distressed Jewell.

We had just had a big storm and a second front was about to hit. However there was a sunset and by the time I stopped it had almost gone. Still I managed to get a few shots before the second front hit. The storms are early this year and this morning it has refreshed the air making for a welcome cool change after yesterdays heat. Not even summer yet maybe a sign of things to come?

as Elton once sang, " I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss. . . ." yeah but it took all day !

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The tree is yelling out, need a little help here.

Uncle Pat's Farm

Another photo from our recent visit to Holy Island.

Everything in its place.


A stop in the road shot on Hwy 62 in Kentucky.

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Near Ferndale Ontario Canada.

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Best in the light box.

Shed on Lindisfarne with castle in the background

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