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Wearing Dress Ashka by Avale [Avale-Marketplace]. Now available at Cosmopolitan


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Without the mask where will you hide

Can't find yourself lost in your lie.


For Tahir.




♕ Rosary Necklace by Avenge [Avenge-Marketplace]. Now available at MOM (Men Only Monthly) Event. Necklace available in male and female version, also in double version necklace.


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Pepita by P O E M A [POEMA-Marketplace].


Love Time Lipstick by P O E M A [POEMA-Marketplace].


Matilda SOON Owner Flickr

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I haven't got anything to say really.


Just hi :)



Wearing Keira set Revelation [Revelation-Marketplace].


Revelation’s Flickr Group



Kumiko Shape Eternal Flame Bento Shapes [Eternal Flames-Marketplace]. Now available at eBento Event for May Round

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Sasha Hair by Modulus [Modulus-Marketplace]. This is Modulus first female here.


Modulus’ Flickr Group




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Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise.

So casually cruel in the name of being honest.

I'm a crumpled up piece of paper lying here

'Cause I remember it all, all, all too well




♕Blossom Top & Skirt by [Sexy Princess] [[Sexy Princess] -Marketplace]. Now available at Dazzle Event

Sexy Princess’ Flickr Group


♕Mayza Necklace from Michan [Michan-Marketplace]. Now available at TLC Event.


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Rie Necklace .Or. [ Or - Marketplace ] .

. Or. Flickr Group



Sparkling C-String Avenge [Avenge-Marketplace].

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Thebe Zibska [Zibska-Marketplace].

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I hear you

Tumbling fast

Here and now, you're afraid

Don't you worry

I'll teach you to fly before you fall away


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♕ Venus Skin and Shape (Golden Tone) from :taxi: EGOZY ❀[Egozy- Marketplace]

Egozy Flickr Group



♕ Khepri Earrings from :taxi: Aurealis ❀ [Aurealis-Marketplace]. Now available at Level Event.


Aurealis (Maxim Mushtiatsa’s) Flickr Group




♕ Miyu Necklace from :taxi: Michan ❀[Michan-Marketplace]. Now available at Whimsical Event. From Aug 18 to September 18.


Michan’s Flickr Group

Meimi necklace Michan [Michan-Marketplace]. New release for Sanarae. Opens April 26th - May 17th

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Passion Bodysuit with Suspenders Red Girl [Red Girl-Marketplace].

Red Girl's's Flickr Group



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♕ Osanne by Zibska [Zibska-Marketplace]. Now available at Sanarae Event 33th Round. Opens 26 May.

Zibska's Flickr Group


♕Lucie Bento Head Akeruka [Ak] [Akeruka [Ak] -Marketplace]. On main store (First 3 days on sale 30% OFF.

Akeruka Flickr Group


♕ Karen Bento Mesh Nails SlackGirl [SG] [SlackGirl [SG] -Marketplace]. Now available at Limit8 Event.

SlackGirl Flickr Group



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apparently from china. off mr. miyagi's blog.

The face of evil with a big tongue in the darkness of the London Dungeon.



A statue of a Griffon, a mythical beast, at the entrance to London Bridge, UK.



Following the likes of many bloggers around the country... My site's @

Come see the Xiaxue flaming wars there!! (I swear I NEVER insulted Xiaxue. Read my posts if you don't believe me...)

oh yeah! it worked! i'm now the XIAXUE! the original one can step aside.


Doing...err...did the tongue thing a lot last year. Don't ask me why, it just popped out.

that snakey tongue, go back to where you belong!

for mrbrown's sexyblogger project. haha. =] taken using T610 only. apologise for the graininess. also the ugliness. hahahaha.

I'm too sexy for Episode 3.. too sexy for Episode 2..

come on.. stick your tongue out....

Sexyblogger on globstop today?

OOOooOo, I'm too sexy for my blog project by mb.

My dog's contribution to the sexyblogger fever that is infecting masses of sg bloggers at the moment

This is about one upmanship! Yes, you can look sexy sticking out your tongue. But can you stick out your tongue TO touch your nose? :)


Also from Eastern Washington Siberian Husky Rescue (EWSR.ORG).

You can be sexy even with glasses, when you show enough tongue.

you know how dead fishes are like in the market?? i think i look like one...


sexyblogger?? far from it.

i might land myself an endorsement deal. and if i have the boobs to go along, i can ask Turodrigue for a 5 figure fee. then i can be on par with Sharon!

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