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I know, I'm lagging on my 16 things about me, so I promise that will be the next photo.. =)


This is from my latest trip to San Diego. I was on my way home and had to stop off at San Onofre. I haven't been there since I purchased my tokina 12-24 about 2 years ago. It was nice to have my 10-20 and all my filters. Who needs HDR these days? j/k I was about to go searching for some new HDR images, so I'll see you guys & gals later. . .


San Onofre can be one of the best long board spots around Southern Caliifornia


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Explored - 8/25/09 #82 (still can't believe it)

Thanks to l'autre fille for the info!!!


and they'll never know


it's over.

i actually thought my 365 was supposed to end tomorrow,

but i guess it was today.

dang it,

well this is my last shot.


it's been quite the year.

i feel like i'm not much different,

but at the same time i feel like another person.

maybe looking back at what i was to what i am now,

those are different people,

but in between i was both.

soo weird.

and i don't feel the same way about some things that i used to,

maybe i've accepted my problems or something cheesy like that.

but i don't feel completed or that i accomplished anything..

this project really got me thinking about who i am as a person,

and how i want to work on becoming a better person.

thanks to everyone who kept tabs on me (:


This shot was taken this weekend. I'm a bit behind on my comments and will be catching up soon...Thank you for your visit.

After a morning shoot with a model friend, I headed a few hours south of Los Angeles to shoot the sunset at San Onofre Beach with a fellow landscape photographer.


It was an unexpectedly awesome sunset! If you look closely, you can spot the recently decommissioned nuclear reactors to the right.


Fuji G617 panoramic | Velvia 50


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While visiting my parents this past week, I spent a fair amount of time on the ground trying to get a picture from a worm's point of view for a group's weekly prompt. For the picture in the comments, I tried to get a worm's view of my mom's and dad's garage. A worm would have seen lots of dust bunnies, cobwebs, old paint cans, a lawn mower, laundry detergent and many more interesting things. I decided to go with a worm's view of the beach instead. (The fact that the picture is a little blurry just shows how sad it is that worms who need glasses can't get them.)


Thanks to Bennilover for proof that I gave lots of thought to my prompt.


Collective 52 Photo Project: A worm's eye view

Taken at San Onofre, California

Another shot from another good day at San Onofre hanging out with my daughter, & friend, Daren (Miserlou), his son JT and my neighbors.

I had just picked up my camera from Nikon after dropping it off for repairs so this was the first day I had shot with it in a few weeks, many thanks to my brother in law for kindly loaning me his D90 during that time to help me avoid the pain of being without and so I could still shoot races etc.

I don't know what it is about this beach but enjoy taking these late afternoon silhouette type shots, the light is almost always unbelievable. Hopefully you don't get burned out on seeing so many of them but they just seem to convey the vibe you get here.

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Waves crashing over rocks at San Onofre State Park, CA.

My baby. :-) 2009 Dodge Challenger SE, G Package. Titanium. Hot.

I saw this brood as I came out of the car and took the shot before I would be noticed.

Tropical sky over Southern California courtesy of Hurricane Norbert

We camped on the beach just up from these rocks. Beautiful beach and I've always loved the sunsets here.

Este es un sitio paradisíaco llamado "Balsillas" en el corregimiento de "Rincón del Mar", en el Municipio de San Onofre, Departamento de Sucre. Es una playa hermosa con un mar de aguas cristalinas. La población del lugar vive de la pesca.

Low Tide and a Very gentle slope results in a Large Patch of the Beach remaining Damp

San Onofre Beach Californioa south of The Nuclear Power Plant Large sections of the coast are covered with Rounded Rocks Instead of Sand this section was beautiful sand Explored Oct 2 2012

This little girl was bringing in her kite and this image caught my eye and my camera...Have a good day and thank you for visiting.

Another from last week's trip to the beach... Explored 5 Apr 08!

Thank you for your visit. Have a good one! for more on a good surfing area. here is a great song for you...enjoy if you have the time...

just thought i’d do a little experimentation with long exposure surf shots! i need to try this more often.


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a little grainy but what can ya do


taken in san onofre!

1991 Airstream B190

Laguna el Eneal en la Reserva Natural Sanguaré municipio de San Onofre - Colombia.


Jack and JT (surfinkid on flickr) enjoying the sunset.

This shot was actually my friend Darens (Miserlou on flickr) idea but I hit the computer before he did and with permission I posted my version sooner so I can't claim credit for originality, thanks dude!

I'm sure his version will be better but I beat him to the punch ;)

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