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Russian Pacific 10 years ago - Memoirs of Expat Life on Russian Oil and Gas Projects.

Sakhalin Island




30 miles North of Japan


Воспоминания экспата о российских нефтегазовых проектах

Explored Oct 5, 2009 #388

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Autumn on Sakhalin Island East coast.

From my 2005 Archive


My friend Mikul asked me:

What is the difference between rocks on Russian and American Paciific shore?


Russian Pacific rocks have "a distinct smell of oil and gas", buddy.

That's what makes Sakhalin Island so attractive for the $$$ of Houston oil-n-gas behemoths :-)


Looks better with B l a c k M a g i c

Eos 5d + 70-200/2.8L usm


The Brown-eared Bulbul (Microscelis amaurotis) is a medium-sized bulbul which is found from the Russian Far East (including Sakhalin), northeastern China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan, south to Taiwan and the Babuyan and Batanes island chains in the north of the Philippines, occasionally being found in Luzon. It is extremely common within the northern parts of its range, and is a familiar bird throughout Japan, where it is called hiyodori. However, in Taiwan it is rare and limited to Orchid Island 1.


This species was long placed in the genus Hypsipetes, at that time an indiscriminate assemblage of more or less related bulbul species. Later, its distinctness was recognized and it was variously placed in the genus Ixos or given a genus of its own, Microscelis. Analysis of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences suggests that the latter is more appropriate (Moyle & Marks, 2006).


Historically, Brown-eared Bulbuls are migratory birds moving to the southern parts of its range in winter, but they have taken advantage of changes in crops and farming practices in recent decades to overwinter in areas farther north than previously possible. As a result, they are considered agricultural pests in some areas of Japan. Most Brown-eared Bulbuls still move south in winter, often forming huge flocks during migration. In summer, Brown-eared Bulbuls primarily feed on insects, while they primarily take fruits and seeds in the fall and winter.


Reaching a length of about 28cm, Brown-eared Bulbuls are grayish-brown, with brown cheeks (the "brown ears" of the common name) and a long tail. While they prefer forested areas, they readily adapt to urban and rural environments, and their noisy squeaking calls are a familiar sound in most areas of Japan.


Source: Wikipedia


Aircraft Type: Boeing 767-3Q8/ER

Airline: Ikar Airlines

Helicopter flight over South-Western part of the island.

It's just 25 miles North of Hokkaido island, Japan.


Wiki:Sakhalin-II Project Info


Looks much better with B l a c k M a g i c

Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-312

Airline: Transaero Airlines

South Sakhalin,in August 2007.

South Sakhalin,august 29.08 2007.

Russian Pacific Archive.

One of my former coworkers, expat from Australia.

It's not a setup either.


Looks much better with B l a c k M a g i c

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Orthodox Christmas Epiphany is January, 19 this year

Sakhalin Island Orthodox Cathedral

Russian Pacific (just 25 miles North of Japan).


10 years ago


From my 2006 Archive.

My first capture of this tiny bird :)

Picture 3.07.08. 00:29

Picture,9.09.2007.,01:37. Sakhalin.

Sweets from Sakhalin.

Open the first comment below for another photo

Plant - Sorbaria sorbifolia (shrub of Rosaceae family)

Butterfly - Inachis io

Aircraft Type: Airbus A330-343E

Airline: Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

Aircraft Name: M. Sholokhov / М. Шолохов

In front of Ishikari Bay this ports serves to Sapporo and it's a link for going to Russia across Sakhalin.




Frente a la bahía Ishikari, este puerto hace de enlace al mar para la capital de Hokkaido.

También ha sido tradicionalmente utilizado para embarcar con rumbo a Rusia, vía Sajalin.




This photo was "Explored" in Mar 7, 2013 #430


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Exploring Russian Pacific (just 25 miles North of Japan).

Island of Sakhalin

Lake Tunaycha


Остров Сахалин

Озеро Тунайча.

Бесстрашный Пес


From my 2005 Archive.

Dolinsk,Sakhalin. Old paper's plant. In August.

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