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The Strip !!!


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Häuser in Ny-Ålesund

M/V G.O.SARS on The Sognefjord, Norway

The nuclear reactor at Reed College is the only reactor in the US staffed by undergraduate students. It was installed in 1968. It provides a neutron source for research purposes. It is a 250 kW reactor.


I will say it is both normal and unnerving to stand at the edge of the 25 foot deep pool of water and see the reactor working in the depths. It is otherwise a typical scientific facility with both hi-tech and low-tech solutions in place. For example, they fish samples out of the reactor with a modified fishing rod. But there is always a Geiger counter clicking in the background. The student who staff the facility are all licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. They are very impressive young people.

Here's a shot of our accommodations at the Tambopata Research Center in the Amazon jungle. I can't express just how awesome our stay here was. I had never experienced nature quite like this before and the experience has left me wanting more.


I wish I used a little more photography know-how as well as common sense when shooting this scene. It was pitch black out except for the sky and just a hair of ambient light from the candles inside the room.


30 minutes and about a thousand bug bites I had only one exposure but quickly packed it up and ran back to my bunk before something bigger than the bugs came out of the jungle to visit.


Star trails are big on my photography to-do list. I need to do the research though and learn the best ways to capture them. This way, next time I'm standing in the pitch black of the jungle I'll be able to make those bug bites worthwhile.


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pps - don't look at this full size, the noise is through the roof. 30 minutes at ISO 200 will do that I guess.


Canon EOS 7D

1809.0 sec at f/5.6 | ISO 200


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Can't find my Self....

My Self finds Me... ;-)))






While I am searching

My back is back




Hinter meinem Rücken


Die Untersuchungen meines Inneren und meiner Essenz ergaben ein aufschlussreiches Ergebnis. Es liegt in Bildform vor Ihnen.




The Rijksmuseum Research Library is the largest public art history research library in the Netherlands. The library is part of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


The online web catalogue contains about 300,000 monographs, 3,400 periodicals and 40,000 art sales catalogues. About 50,000 art sales catalogues published before 1989 are not yet entered in the online catalogue.

Looking for a room in this idea


for a photo shoot in Brussels, someone got an idea?


Thank you very much.

"Sir, the Government has spent over 15 billion dollars of taxpayers' money on this suit... but when we started working on your helmet, we met some nasty budget cuts, so...


I'm sure they'll be calling this powersuit "the Johnny Appleseed" for decades to come. :)

Munroe Meyer Institute,Omaha, Nebraska.

Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract

Laurel, Maryland

The card catalog in the Miller Library at Hopkins Marine Station is no longer used, but still sits in a position of prominence, probably because it is such a beautiful design, and also for nostalgic reasons. The "art" of researching using the card catalog is now a thing of the past.


It was really dark in the library; fortunately this camera can "see in the dark" - ISO 12800 !

"A question for the scientists: would you like us to collect this as a specimen or no?"


Inspired by watching live streams from NOAA's remotely operated vehicle on the sea floor where I've often heard this question.

Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract

Laurel, Maryland


Maryland Biodiversity Quad

39076_A7 Laurel

Title: Ames Research Center

Catalog #: 08_01011

Date: 1973

Additional Information: shows group used for a bed rest study

Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

Abandoned poultry research buildings, another view.



Just a mini hotrip with Lox.

This is part of a series of research council buildings in Ottawa's North East End.

Linocut pattern research for the future...




T-shirts / Linogravure / Petite série / Coton bio.

Enough research will tend to support your conclusions.

Arthur Bloch


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