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Gratitude for textures by SkeletalMess:

GrayV, Death Slab 3

After more than ten minutes' fantastic performance, here came the finale ...


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26:52 Circles – Find them in nature, in manmade objects or make them yourself.


Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.

― Anaïs Nin


I think I am really back now :) I will try to catch up with you all tomorrow.

........release, let go, fall away, realise your destiny and then grow........

This meteorite seems to be exploding with a sudden release of energy. I found this at the local nature museum.


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For more in this series see the Regensis set.

This is from last summer, I am going to miss these guys this year as we are moving to a new office at the first of the month.

“Let all of life be an unfettered howl. Like the crowd greeting the gladiator. Don't stop to think, don't interrupt the scream, exhale, release life's rapture.”

― Vladimir Nabokov

For Lee...

For being the way he is. For catching those dreams and turning them into precious instants of reality.


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And listen.....

i cannot see the light

no freedom in my sight

is this true or dream?

i wanna scream



fear's my puppeteer

he whispers in my ear

i fed him once now it stays

grips me tight, my body fills


keeps me locked down

in this f&cking cage


cannot live

cannot die

lost my will

on to kill


relieeeeve me!

one last time

into the wild prairies

but never expect

cause past is done

way down gone

in eternity.



Norway / Solo Expedition

- nord for polarsirkelen -

Third in the series

Musical inspiration: Leave My Body, Florence + The Machine

Feeling creatively perverse ... and enjoying it ...


Read all about the image & events here:

This is my second release of this magical little waterfall, I hope you like it as much as I do ; )


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Really thanks everyone for the last support, much appreciated !


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It pays off to travel with those who have the same level of passion and intensity. Those what worry more about the right light, than the right accommodation, or the length of the walk. "RELEASE ME" | low cloud opens up on MT COOK on the hooker lake as the sun rises on the Alps.

Ilenia, April 2013

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Location : Wetland Lake Side, Putrajaya Malaysia




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Today I was thinking =) that the prisoner don't have to be behind bars !! a prisoner is a person who trapped in his thoughts and he couldn't get rid of them !! it's quite hard to hunt somethings and then they hunt u back ! ...


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Have a great weekend and happy shooting.


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In Alhandra, Portugal.

uploading twice in a week what is this

getting back into photography slowly but surely

i am trying to become happy with myself

i update my blog sometimes yo

also this blog


Walnuts ready to drop

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