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More of my own textures. Just experimenting with different processes in Photoshop Elements 7.


Thank you all for your comments and invites. They are much appreciated.


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Improve your eyes...

Just as your mind...


Inspire yourself!!!




Happy Holidays!!!


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One of those, I like it but I don't type of shots. The gradations bug me from the jpeg conversion.


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Going deep in the archives. One of my favorite people watching spots on the Strip. Previously shown here.


[ blog: Bright Lights and Vegas Nights ] can find inspiration....!


We are grains of sand,

In the beach of this Universe...

When you think you emit light,

Just remember there's a Sun...


And be humble to admit....:

We can only reflex it.....


and we can be happy for this, can't we?


Have the best week you can!!!!!!!


Spirea Buds.


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Continuing on: This flower, just a daisy, all the way from England. Taken last year on my trip home.


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Collecting Nature's Gold. Bees start collecting before the pollen shop is completely open.

Sunflowers really attract a vast array of insects for their pollen.


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Pseudo HDR made using Photomatix's single file conversion. Went for a litle bit more of the surreal coloring with the processing on this one. Just for fun of course :) I usually like to stay truer to what originally saw when I took the shot. Call me conservative!

At Stonehenge...


These crows just sit there on the fence staring at you right before you go under the tunnel to get to Stonehenge. Kind of eerie actually, which I tried to reflect in my processing of this. Heavy is what I was going for :)

I know a lot of people swear by Photoshop but I find it so much easier to work in Lightroom to create the image you want. Each to their own, but I love Lightroom!


In case you were in anyway confused, I wanted a little drama in this shot I took last year in the Calico Hills, Las Vegas, NV.


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Thx guys. Thx 4 ur supports

A foggy Winter morning in Florida. This was taken in our woods.


Thank you all for your comments and invites.


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Whenever I post a shot with this lens, the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro, I realize I should be using it more.


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Info [ID] Courtesy: Mr Ajaya Kumar

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Mejor en grande

Better in large

...Like the color of your eyes, when they look to me!!

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"Gotitas" para el juego de Ideas de n♡viembre


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Another lurker from the archives. Just some nice light and gratuitous skinny depth of field.


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Above the ground there is only sky

Above the sky there is only clouds

Above the clouds there is only heaven and the sun


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The Fountains at Bellagio. I never tire of watching these. My favorite scene in Oceans Eleven is that last scene watching the fountains. I find it as interesting to shoot the people watching the fountains as the fountains themselves. These guys made me chuckle at the end of this particular performance set to a Shania Twain song. As they walked away one said, "Man that sucked!" The other replied, "Yeah man, I want my five minutes back!"


I recommend a viewing of largeness on white.


Today i joined a photo trip with the Auckland Uni Photography Society to Leigh, around 1 hour drive from Auckland. The clouds were...breathtaking.


ps: the clouds r real!! used a polariser to enhance details. pic is almost sooc.


I am ecstatic by the views n favs received. thank you all.

That last upload in my week long series of flowers and the like. Hope you enjoyed them.


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Wildflower very profuse with these delecate blooms.

Thank You! 1,000+ views and 64 Faves!

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Please don't use or alter this image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved.

Took this photo on my trip to Bay of Islands, New Zealand. My hdr attempt. Please comment n critique thx

Downtown Anderson, S.C.




Taken with:

Camera model:Canon EOS 1000D

Exposure=0.008 sec (1/125)



Focal length=135 mm

Flash:Off, Did not fire

Exif info added with simashin flickr tools


First Bloom of my Azaleas!!

Sping is here. Flowers are in my view finder. I hope all you flickrites don't tire of them.


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