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~16 week old male cocker spaniel puppy named "Sun"

Visiting the zoo for the first time together with her people.

(Some zoos allow dogs.)

Nala, labrador/griffon puppy. 3 months old.


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When your puppy is more stubborn than you thought and won't obey any orders you give him!


♫♪ Puppy Love ♪♫


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MishMish - Teacup Pomeranian [Pet Dog]



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These puppies were looking for a home. We took some shots to help get them adopted.

A new addition to the family.

I am going to be keeping busy!!! These little ones will not stay this quiet for much longer!! These are English Springer Spaniel Pups - and 3 weeks old today.


Week 4 Puppies!


Man they're growing pretty fast! This was them 2 weeks ago! :D keke


A little less than 4 weeks and I get to bring one of them home with me!!! Wooohooo!!!!

cute puppy desktop hd wallpaper for free.

Harley and Diesel as pups.

Glad that Ripley has taken to Boo so well. Definitely likes being a big sister, teasing and learning all the new ways to play with a puppy. :)

White puppy layng on the street in the evening

She's a poser already ;)

Agnes on the day we picked her up from WANAR (We All Need a Rescue). Her eyes and ears are a lot less uncertain now.

Freya my little corgi/pom mix is just the cutest little pistol ever.

Taken at the training center near the golf club called Bachgrund. The lady trainer here has done an amazing job with Toby. Lots to do before Christmas, off to say hello to all.

Temporary pit bull number 3.

New born puppies outside my office.


There were 7 of them!

Mac has gone to his new home now, I'm going to miss this little guy so much x

You can not believe how much fun I had to take this photos.

I started with one chicken because I was a little bit afraid Maybe would hurt it. She was so very fascinated by these little critter in her basket. When she was used to this one I dropped a second one . The "puppy chickens are two days old and Maybe think they are toys because of the noice they make.Yet, she didn't do anything to them. I would like to take a photo of Maybe with all (8) the little ones in her basket...Maybe I do this later.

She is such a good girl :-)))

Named Kiara


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Cute Jack Russel puppy Rocky

arrived today aged 8 weeks

Puppy at a park.

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