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Avalon Beach sunrise with the focus group. This long rockshelf has plenty of photogenic spots. If you look carefully there is one other photographer hwo became a part of this landscape.

Jeffrey Street Ferry and CBD., from North Sydney. Milson's point.


Vivid Sydney.

Out and about this evening, I noticed that there were high wispy clouds moving quickly, and a full moon shining directly down. Couldn't help but shoot down to Narrabeen pool to put the elements together.


4 minutes @f8 ISO 100. 11:40pm

Curl Curl to Feshwater Boardwalk

A rare selfie under very dark skies and the spectacular milky way.

Harden, NSW

My image called "Water Art: A young couple walk hand in hand on a Brazilian beach" ( has recently been purchased for use in a commercial for a UK high street brand.



Thank you all for your kind comments and warm congrats! Much appreciated.

well I'm no good at blowing my own trumpet and I'm a little embarrassed

at doing so but this image of mine was published, so what the hell...

The treacherous hornby Rapids. This seemingly impossible sandstone wall was said to be inspiration for some of M C Escher's famous drawings (although the source of this rumour is unreliable).


A completely reworked version of this image, including some valuable feedback from Adam Williams.


I took a punt and entered it in the Better Photography Image of the Year competition, Creative Flair section. It was awarded a Silver and finished in the top 50. A very pleasing result.

First light over the Canola fields near Harden, country NSW.

Before the month of March closes, I just had to upload this photo again to share my joy over this accomplishment.


Check out the March 2009 issue of "Cowboys and Indians" magazine - page 125! I entered this photo in a contest and while it didn't win, it did get published! I'm so excited. It's a special collectors issue for photographers so it's a great issue for all of the Flickr members.


Large views of all my photos


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Out and about this evening, I noticed that there were high wispy clouds moving quickly, and a full moon shining directly down. Couldn't help but shoot down to Narrabeen pool to put the elements together.


3 minutes @f8 ISO 100. 11:30pm

My first paying gig! Like a lot of us I've allowed a few of my photos to be used in everything from online travel sites to small magazines to album covers. However, it wasn't until SKI magazine contacted me about using my photo of Dome Peak that I was actually offered cold cash for any of my work. In the Feb '09 issue they are running a short blurb on the Ptarmigan Traverse, a legendary alpine traverse in the Washington Cascades. If you've ever wanted to get out there, off trail, crossing glaciers and rambling over all sorts of mountain terrain, I highly urge you to put the traverse way up there on your list! This photo was taken in '05 from White Rock Lakes, probably the most visually stunning, not to mention difficult to access, campsite along the traverse. In the background is Dome peak and our next day's route took us through the glaciated col just right of center. Another interesting note is the photo was taken with an old 3.2 MP Canon A300!

Early sun catching the bright green rocks on Curl Curl beach this morning.

Yoda captured as he emerged from the fireplace.


A composite image from the lightpainting session at Cockatoo Island

Part of the tribute to Jan Utson, the architecti of the Sydney Opera House. Part of Vivid Sydney festival.


The light show depicts the evolution from concept to design and construction of the opera House

Who can unlock the rock?


Sunrise over Bungan Beach with the focus crew.

Ominous surf at Black Head, Geroa. A stormy and windy day produced big swells and powerful surf.

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In his correspondence with me, The Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco writes that my photo will appear "in a book/e-book that provides advice on finding fulfillment in the workplace. This project is by the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry Committee on Work and Organizations [that looks] closely at the interface of the workplace and mental health, identifying issues that directly impact people’s well-being."




He also states that my "photo plays an important role in keeping our narrative entertaining and light while also being informative."



Repost of "Things are not always what they seem ...", my flipped water reflection of a runner in São Lourenço Park, Curitiba, PR, Brazil.



Have a great week and thanks for visiting.


A fountainm, music, light and laser show as part of the Vivid Sydney festival

A lone fisherman at dawn. Long Reef.

I had this published in "Digital Camera" magazine last month!!

kounelli and Steve ? have tagged me! here are a couple of pics from my long-distant childhood.


this one is at oka beach in canada, obviously upset at something / someone, so indicative of future me. i also seem to have had no feet -- but no fear -- i've since grown some.


now i'm told that i must, in turn, tag others. my 10 victims dear friends (by virtue of making the mistake of commenting often on my photos) are:







michael speelman




bravo les filles


(helen quickly ducks to avoid objects being thrown her way.)

Found this in my mailbox the day I arrived back in Los Angeles.


They contacted me from Austria last year and this the end product. I think they did a stellar job and it's quite the honor...

view in the dark


a photo i took years ago in beijing


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In Practical Photography for April, also had one in Digital Photo March.

published in the flood magazine #6 issue




pls keep the comments clean.

no banners & awards pls!

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A wedge of the sandstone cliffs of Little Bay.


The biggest challenge this morning was dodging the rain and staying away from angry seas.

d3sign@16hours magazine

:copyright: Copyright. Dragon Papillon Photography. 2015. All rights reserved.

Thank you Amateur Photographer Weekly for the three page spread, it's a lovely feeling seeing your own work in a physical publication, let alone actually holding it (and whooping with joy in the middle of the supermarket!). Thanks also to all you on here for your comments and faves, they really do provide encouragement.

Thank you friends for your supports...

Sunrise at NewPort beach. Some beautiful colours in the wispy clouds around first light.

The May issue of Seattle Magazine has a story on the Oregon/Washington coast and they licensed this image from me for use in the article !! I even got paid GOOD money !!


They found me thru Flickr, so post your best work and it can happen for you also.


Bigger Size:

Last shot of the day. A long exposure of Warriewood Beach after the sun was up.

published in 1st issue of nuits et noirs magazine


you can support me here if you want:)


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pls keep the comments clean.

no banners & awards pls!

© All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal.If you do so you will be sued!!!

Anadara - the building inspired by clouds in striking sunset livery.


Abstracts from Sydney at night during Vivid


I entered the original image into a competition which I unfortunately didn't win but one of the judges was the editor of and contacted me asking if they could use it.

I am pleased to announce that my photograph of the Cranbrook Art Museum (photo at right) was published in the American Institute of Architects 2015 Engagement Calendar. The calendar is available through Blurb. []


I promise to do this once only. The whoop whoop dance. :-). Oh yeah oh yeah. Had another sale on Getty. From a book publishing company.


This photograph is my first attempt with the black and white filter. It wasn't a good day. Being so out of practice, I'd forgot a few things, and was having one of those days!


Downloaded a free trial of creative cloud yesterday, and it's wasted on me. I've not got a clue! And I tried to install thCop otoshe phS5 from the disk. The whole laptop goosed up, and I ended up resetting it. It's still a bit goosed, occasionaly when i'm typing, the curser key jumps back to a previous paragraph, or the page goes up/down. Does anyone know what it's doing ?


Light installation at North Sydney, Milson's point

Diy pillbox at greymere rocks with dunstanburgh castle in the background

A sudden rush of light across the Grosse river as the sun breaks through the patchy cloud.


I was in the process of packing up and making my way back up the river bank when the light broke through. One mad rush back down to the shoreline to set up and catch the light before it faded.


30 seconds later and it was gone again.

The first rays of sun catch the edges of the rockshelf.


Bangalley Headland

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