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Some of my class samples for the Las Vegas Clay Carnival in November.

Before the fun goes out of it

Fungo's gonna give it a go.

How to make bead using button's impression

Foreign exchange student from the vicinity of Vega

1. Урок. Hedgehog/Ежик

Green leaf

Steel wire frame, Pardo translucent clay, water color pencil, guilder paste

Fun with a tutorial by Melanie West, available at

self surgery for the blind


Emergence is a theme that plays out frequently in our art. It represents the promise of hope, the lure of the new, the triumph of youth, the natural succession and order of all things. I suppose there is a dark side to this concept too, but we haven't got there yet.


Polymer Clay, Sterling Silver, Pearl

Polymer clay canework

Black top hat, silver bow tie, light blue flowers :)

" the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines... To be great is to be misunderstood." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not a very flattering likeness on my new driver's license, is it?

polymer clay, inks

polymer clay, silk screening, Pinata inks

Polymer clay breads and croissants, completed May 2018.

Most people live on a lonely island,

Lost in the middle of a foggy sea...

Here am I, your special island,

Come to me, come to me!

The "small" bead (9 cm) is on the picture to show how much bigger the new ones are.

The circumferences are: 16,5 cm, 25 cm and 33,5 cm They are going to be a part of a garden ornament.

in memory of Campanita de Hojalata

My friend Paul Kaloper helped me out by taking great photos of my work for my portfolio.


Sintracut relief print on fabric.

The outer layer was baked before adding the gills.

Pardo transparent, mica eye powders

Made a huge order of Pie Servers!

Polymer clay embellished handles.

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