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recycled plastic bags into beautiful large basket

Exterior of bag created by cutting orange plastic newspaper bags into strips and then crocheting with that plarn: "plastic yarn". Old African trade beads and bell adorn this bag. Thanks for modeling Margaret!

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I decided to take colored aluminum pull tabs, a blue coat hanger, and some poly cord .....


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Thank you Margaret for modeling!

Red, orange, yellow and pink.

Made from upcycled clothes and plarn.

Plarn, or "recycled plastic bag yarn".


What it looks like.

(I used a small Barnes and Noble bag.)

Coin purses made with Boston Globe bags. They are really fun to work with as they come in so many different colors.

Recipe for a dress:


- 6 or 7 recycled grocery bags


Flowers and bear:

- 1 cup of cornstarch

-1 cup of Elmer's glue

-1 Tbs of baby oil

-1 Tbs of lemon juice


- Add food coloring to 'taste'


For the headband:

- a piece of cheese cloth



-A teflon pot and plastic spoon

-A crochet hook

- Needle and thread to attach flowers to dress


made with plastic bags

1" continuous strips of plarn spun on a handmade drop spindle

I used recycled Hobby Lobby bags for this little tote bag. I really like the colors!

My first try at knitting with plastic-bag yarn. It's become a bag for my washpins.



Danielle shows off the quilt used as the lining in the Eco Margaret Bag. (Thanks Danielle!) The Eco Bags are made from plastic bags and repurposed/donated materials. The name of this bag pays tribute to someone who played a big role in how these bags look by donating a huge amount of awesome fabric! Thanks Margaret!

My first try at knitting with plastic-bag yarn. It's become a bag for my washpins.



assorted white carrier bags & orange newspaper bags

Flowers are made from colorful pull tabs (off of aluminum cans), buttons, plastic bags and wire. Stems are coat hangers.


Here are the 2 flowers along with a silver one. They are sitting in a crocheted vase I made of Plarn.*


* Plarn: Thats when plastic bags are cut up into strips and made into yarn.

Cotton Yarn and plastic bag strips (plarn) were crocheted together to create the upper band and "crocheted in" handle.

first attempt making a coiled basket. i really like how the plastic bag takes on the look and feel of raffia

This was made to order by Cara, just plain plarn keychain .

little pouch closes with a pair of loops. the long loop slips through the small loop and creates a handle that easily hangs from the wrist, a purse strap or a belt.

Shopping bag.

Crocheted of used plastic bags.

Irish Crocheted Lace made from plarn (recycled bin bags)

Crochet this backpack using recycled plastic bags or plarn. The free pattern is found here

Time to fix the lining on my plarn bag


Used "plarn" or yarn made from plastic bags with novelty fur yarn or plastic fruit net for centers. The pattern I used for the blossoms is called "Simple Knitted Flower" by Paulette Lane:

The Eco Camo Handle Clutch's exterior is crocheted with plarn "yarn" created by cutting plastic bags into strips.

bag crocheted from "plarn" (strips of plastic bags) granny squares

I had these paperclay flowers.

Wonder what to do with them; I crocheted some little flowerpots of plarn (=plastic yarn).


They are for a give-away goody bag,

at Crafty Gardens > market for handmade stuff in my city.

Earrings made out of plarn


plarn = plastic yarn. Made out of plastic grocery bags

for eventual installation on the world's ugliest chair, in an attempt to make the world a less ugly place.

my first attempt at making an amigurumi critter. i designed it based on my son's request. it is so darned cute i need to make one for myself too!


made of one plastic grocery bag and stuffed with the cut off handles and sealed bag end (used the entire bag this time!)

Made from recycled grocery bags

Personal Pattern

clear rain hat

pentagonal shaped trim on long dress

I designed this one of a kind Wallet/Checkbook Organizer with built in driver's license holder, pen holder and an extra pocket for credit/debit/loyalty cards. To make it even more unique fashioned the wrap around strap with a bow.


It can be used as a clutch for those quick trips in the store and because of the side seam design, it expands to give you more room for your comb, cell phone and anything else you need. I'm pretty sure you'll think of even more uses for it!


The wraparound band let's you stuff it full and closes beautifully without worrying about popping a button/snap, busting a zipper or velcro losing its stick..


Measurements: Width-8"; Height: Closed - Height-5"/Open - 9.75":

This bag's exterior was created by cutting plastic Target™ Christmas bags into strips and crocheting with the plastic "yarn". A repurposed silk neck tie became the handles/straps. Thanks for modeling, Danielle!

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