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I took it two years ago, when we had a dinner at leavenworth Washington State US, it was very typical holiday night, share with you.兩年前到美國華盛頓州的德國村拍的,標準平安夜,在無雪的圣誕,拿出來美一下吧

On a cold November night, heavy mist sank to the ground and dampened everything. I decided to use simple tones to bring the details highlighted from the street lights. PP in Lightroom. A bit of fun lets see what you think about it.


Moonlight, Mountains, Meteor and Movement of stars in the sky - the 4 M's of alpine night photography!

Thanks to Colleen for being a good sport and illuminating her tent when I'm sure she would rather have been sleeping.

Elusive Mountain is the bright peak in photo middle.


Comic con is chaotic, however I love ever minute and I cant wait for next year. Night was welcoming after a long convention day.

Darkness on St. Pat's Day..Boston.

The place where tourists dwell and where it gets silent at night

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A picture I took in Brussels (Belgium), a few days ago. It is

a long exposure shot and I've repainted some parts of it...


The cars were really close to me and going fast! Lots of fun!



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Contemplation in the Light


A poem by Peter S. Quinn


Contemplation in the light

Those need somewhere to go

Into the circling of the night

With some of its dowering glow

Taking the departing by hours

That's been waiting and ready

In the pouring out showers

Of the falling drops so steady


In the look of the city light

At the evening passing gone

Before labyrinth of the night

Shall vanished and be done

From the lanes and city routs

With every sideway in its line

When the shadows here intrudes

With the day and falling sunshine


Reverie in dark shade

Every fulsome turning point

That in stepwise turning grade

Comes to border the dimly joint

Where the hour falls to sleep

In the pondering of a dream

And doorways of reality sweep

Through its gloomy nightly beam

South-North Elevated Road Intersection with Yan’an Elevated Road at night


Original plan was to shot wildflowers at Big Sur. After sunset, there was no fog and clouds could be seen, it turned out to be 24 hour sleepless trip with Jon and James.


McWay Fall @ Big Sur, California


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Night shot of the "Grund", in the old part of Luxembourg city.

Shot with a 5D2 and reworked as a HDR (slightly, mainly to achieve this golden aspect).


Best seen on black (by pressing L) to have larger view!


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Rotterdam by night ,photo taken from the Erasmus Bridge.

Sydney's "Vivid" Light Festival

From the archive


i have very luck the hotel has an big light for the beach in the night so i can use this light for the lightning from the ground.. so i got this solution..


i never shoot milkyways before.. thanks for your Feedback i hope u would like it


***(Pictures are not sitched just one shot)***


some more coming soon =)


THX =)

Camera: Canon EOS 50D

Lens: Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8

Focal Length: 17mm

Aperture: f/8.0

Shutter Speed : 30 seconds

ISO: 200


I have posted quite a few from here taken at dawn, but here is one from the night before.


This is made up from a 3exp HDR and then a separate capture of the Moon and Stars so you can see the scene as my eyes did and not just as the camera would.


Best viewed large

Night reflections at duisburg, germany.

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Happy New Year!

Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow


Thank you for your visits and comments!

Many thanks to all those who take the time to view add them as favourites and comment on my photographs. It is very much appreciated.


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IFC Nights

Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

香港國際金融中心, 香港


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One long exposure here with some light painting on these tracks.

On the tracks you can feel a train coming a few minutes away.


The Clink & I-90

Here you can see the Donaukanal in Vienna at night.


I hope you like the picture. Please give me some feedback to let me know what you think about the photo.


Arco da Vila In Faro at night, Portugal.


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Taken at the corner of Jilong road looking down Xinyi road. A very beautiful and clear evening.

The Northern Hemisphere Milky Way in all its glory. (Including 5 shooting stars if you look real close).


6 individual shots merged together


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Seine River, Pont des Invalides and Eiffel Tower in Paris at night seen from Pont Alexandre III.


This is my first test of HDR/DRI at night. Made from 2 x 3 RAW (±2 EV).

The night view at Nakasu, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka.


A Union Pacific train travels the rails near the Dallas Convention Center and Reunion Tower.

night view. lighted fountain jets against the background of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Bridge in Moscow.

Stockton at night.Infinity bridge.

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