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To all my Flickr friends.......sorry about the lack of comments at the moment but work as taken over..I soon will catch up with you all.



Sophie is now officially obsessed with my cursor and all activity that happens on my computer screen. Here she is in a brief moment of focused repose.



♫♪I stay away (Alice in Chains)♫♪


Sevilla (Sevilla - Andalucía)


Sigma 10-20mm


Me han publicado un artículo en la revista Foto DNG de este mes. Si queréis echar un vistazo podéis descargarla aquí :)))

Dedicated to Annamaria she is always so sweet with me and has a superb photostream, check it out!

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Memphis, TN


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Terminator 1984 Theme (Full HD)


'Desk Sergeant: It may take a while. Want to wait? There’s a bench over there.

Terminator: I’ll be back!'



he is charming, isn't he?


B l a c k M a g i c

... and this simple candid shot is one of my favorites! :-)


"My thoughts inside my head get lost inside that haunted house...

...I wish I could call you

I wish you were still around"

~Ryan Adams


I was playing around with Photoshop tonight and I wanted to try something a little different. I have already posted a similar cemetery shot but I wanted something with more mood. Have a great day!


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Who am I, you ask?


I am made from all the people I’ve encountered and all the things I have experienced.


Inside, I hold the laughter of my friends, the arguments with my parents, the chattering of young children, and the warmth from kind strangers.


Inside, there are stitchings from cracked hearts, bitter words from heated arguments, music that gets me through, and emotions I cannot convey. I am made from all these people and moments.


That is who I am.


~ Ming D. Liu

Very happy today to have received the printed catalog of the VI International Photography Contest Asisa, where one of my seascapes have received a mention from around 2000 photographs presented.


The complete catalog you can see it here:


Hope you like it, there are photographs of great quality.


My galleries:





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is THREE. Seen in my sister's gardens in Carmel, CA.

Sorry, my dear friends, my internet is broken!

I wish you a sunny weekend!

Mari, my niece!


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Explored May 16, 2008

Tekin í Andakíl haust 2006 , Nautastöðin á Hvanneyri


Looks better with a black background

'Í Andakíl' On Black

model my Cousin


taken by me


edit by me


Say mashallah pllz


ask me


I got a new face and a new computer! I'm wearing the Genus Baby with the Go&See Tara November Promo Group Skin in the Tropic Tone. My lip color is from The Face, I'm sorry, I can recall which palette or color its from. I am so happy with how it's turned out. I am also wearing the Cardi hair from Besom, which I am addicted to. I can't seem to get away from this style. #Genus #Go&See #Besom #TheFace #Addams #SecondLife

This is one of the last paints that i did.... i think i really improved my skills he he

Nice WE my great friends !!!!!!!!


Oooh God =\ =\ =\

My Babe " G " it's ur big day =D

and i wish that i'm with you now ='(

pllllz enjoy it but when i come back << jk ;Pp

Happy birthday ya bithday girl <3

o0 3saaany man7rm mnch ya a7la shy fe 7yate ='(

o0 ala lay'3er 3lina enshala <3

يـا حـاجـتـي لـعـيـونـك ♥

Laaazm ashofch Sooon =(

كـل سـنه وإنـته رفيقــي وصـاحبـي وأغـلى البشـر



We want to invite you to have a look in our international FLICKR PHOTO CONTEST about Pullips :3. Hope you can participate, and 'who knows?' maybe win our prize (a brand new BHC outfit and the book 'Hi I'm Pullip') <3




Como ya sabréis estoy echando una manita en el concurso internacional de fotos de Flickr para la PullipCon, espero que todo el mundo se anime a participar y quién sabe, quizá podáis optar a ganar un precioso vestido de BHC como el que lleva Emma y el Libro "Hi! I'm Pullip" en tamaño persona xD


This is my locket, the one I received from my hubby when I became a mother...

It holds two photos, my sons photos, you can guess.

This was the theme this week in the No Flowers Challenge group, so here is my submission of a priceless object!


Edited with Dusk Vintage action.


(There is also a giveaway in our group, you may want to check it out! )

When I was capturing this wave, I did not know that the following one was going to splash me, as well as my camera, since it doesn't work.

Near Rospico, Brittany, France

I tried this before, but this time I tried to change the focus. Which one is better?

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16/4/2010 (Explored)

My sissy... always here.. always by my side... always to put a smile on my face... my amazing sissy, beautiful inside out... you gave me this song sissy and I asked u to do ur version and my version... so this is my version... u inspired me to make this pose so this is my version.

Love u to pieces Isa thank u for being here for me♥


Our inspiration song

I think if I had to chose an outfit to wear for the rest of my life, this one would be it!


I just bought this blouse from the internet and it's even more perfect then I could have hoped for! (it's an oldie, and amazingly - i was the only bidder!)

This skirt is my most favorite thing I've ever purchased from Cafe Society - it fits like a dream and goes perfectly with everything!!

The shoes were a gift from my Great Uncle's girlfriend (they've been together since World War II - but won't get married, hehe)

The tapestry box hand bag I found in the back of one of my grandmother's closets... I found it soon after she passed away and I ended up bringing it to her funeral.. I'm so happy I found it and was able to have that with me during that time

The necklace is permanently attached to my neck - it was a gift from my boyfriend and we found it at Cafe Society. It's from the Victorian era and was used to put sheets of perfume in. It used to be a pin but I made it into a necklace instead!


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None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm


Cabo de Trafalgar (Cádiz - Andalucía)


On Black


More Night shots in Cádiz


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I just watch ...


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Credits - BLUSH EVENTS, Cynful, Fameshed, Promagic, Runaway


This is my 1st , 200 Favs photo , a technique I am trying to develop of working with light and shadows ( not easy ) ,, Thanks for all the comments ;o)

I'm back to the babylon city...


To see


To do



About me

I'm not

Happy now

I'm not


I'm just




To the empty


(Walter Franco)


لآشــفــت وجــهــكـ قــلـت يــآأحــي ويــآأحــي ..... وجــهـ (ن) كــســآأه النــور مثــل النــهــآأرى


ربي يحفظها يارب من كل شر


اذكرو ربكم:P


All by me

I did catch him in a dark evening..

Share my work anywhere you wanted, just link back to my image/page!


Thanks for all visits, comments & Favs!

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up then down, rise and fall, jump then fly and fall with me


explored then dropped.

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this week passed by so fast. maybe because we had monday off (:

these are my little brother's hands. everyone's been doing fall photos so i thought. what the popsicles.

he managed to stay still for about 5 seconds before running off. thanks kev.

i'm really sorry but this was taken yesterday and a quick edit with the help of the amazing melanie to get that awesome text and such (:

i don't know what i would do without my 50mm (:

it's so so so much harder to take photos outside when you live in an apartment complex. we still haven't found a house yet...

but i would look around to see people staring at me and then i'd leave.

grrawr D:

one of my first outside photos in a LONG time.


my parents went back to indiana to get stuff and they found an old film camera. it's not THAT old, only 15 years or so, and it's a CANON (ewewewewew) but you know what, i can stand it (:

so i ordered batteries and we're gonna buy film later and cross our fingers that it works!

oh, and it's a canon eos 630 film camera if you wanna know

it took me forever to catch up on all you guys today, so i really must be off to draw a canal in venice for art.

i'm sorry, but i'll respond to flickrmail tomorrow


anyone notice the pun? FALL with me?

hah. hah. yeah.


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bored? rawwrr

I'm just listening "take on me" by a-ha.

don't know why that I thought about this old way idea and did it.


(now playing: take on me, a-ha)

This is a Sunflower that was growing in my garden...I cropped this because I wanted to show the beautiful details on the seeds...


I wish you all a Sunny, Happy, Fun filled weekend...


Catch you soon... :)

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Tophane-i amire yüzyıllar boyu üretime yönelik bir endüstri kuramayan Osmanlı devletinde savaş endüstrisine yönelik yapıların ilklerindendir. İnşası Fatih Sultan Mehmet tarafından başlatılan Tophane-i amire, bir dönem top imalathanesi olarak kullanıldı. Bizanzslılar döneminde metopon olarak adlandırılan, Osmanlılar döneminde de Tophane adını alan semtte bulunan bina uzun yıllar milli savunma bakanlığı'na aitti. Askeri müze'ye dönüştürülmesi planlanan bina 1992 yılında Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi ile askeri müze yetkilileri arasında düzelenen protokolle üniversiteye devredildi. Şimdilerde kültür ve sanat merkezi konumundadır.


No Appointment Necessary. - -

- -

I am being forced to drive a white mustang convertible while my car is in the shop

* Office hours may vary - but somewhere between 12pm and 2pm is a pretty good time

say hello to my little friend...

(ok, so I know that phrase has been used until it is worn out, but it just fit so well with this little guy, so...)

HBW everyone...

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