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I went on a walk with Kane to do our 365s. I took only ONE photo on a self timer to do this and im highly proud of it.


Also I found a letter I wrote to myself ( i was a weird child...) when i was really young. It was meant to be for when i was feeling really down so I could make myself feel better i think.. anyway it made me realize i have a hell of a lot more happiness and confidence in my life now than I did at that age!! Also how weird is it that some of the nicest things ever said to me where from myself...?gah, i really was such an odd child!


12th June 2009

Model: Caoimhe Lionheart

By: Cade Nansen


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New look!! Picture taken @ The Grove where Luciano was performing.


PS: Not easy taking a picture of a moving target :)

Caoimhe Lionheart October 2010

Photographer: The wonderful, kind and talented, Ms. Cherie Parker


Clothes: Tres Beau (LOVE this outfit!) <3

Hair: Vanity Hair

Lingerie: Angel Dessous

♫ Lucky Old Sun - Jerry Lee Lewis ♫


Good Lord above, can't you know I'm pining

Tears all in my eyes?

Send down that cloud with the silver lining

Take me to paradise


Show me that river, take me across

And wash all my troubles away

Like that lucky old sun with nothin' to do

But roll around Heaven, just rolling 'round your Heaven

My God, let me roll 'round Heaven all day


Taken at the Starlight Room

Plastik Lionheart :D


Model: Caoimhe Lionheart

Picture: Skip Staheli


*SoliDea FoliEs* White

available only @ *SoliDea FoliEs* MainStore


so i did took the challenge to improve my photographic work !.

As we are soon at the New Year, i did imagine a festive picture :) .


I hope you like it :)


✧ original picture of Corsario Lionheart ✧


Thank you for Looking 👀

....can bring good ideas !! : )


Moment at home, Lionheart Zira.

Closest landmark:


For all the credits, check the Blog


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Hit of the day: Girls Aloud, Sugababes - Walk this way bad

All rights reserved. Please do not use this or any of my images in anyway without my written permission.


burg trifels prison of richard I. lionheart


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Skin: The Plastik - Lionheart[Elven]-Angel

Hair: B@R - Egret Type 2

Piercings: - .HoD. - Bitten Piercings Type 1

Ink: Devol - Criminal Chain Tattoo

-description coming soon-


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Practicing Portraits.




photo by: me

editing: me

camera: Sony DSC-H5 (BacK)

model: Panky †

location: Agua Santa, Viña del Mar (V Región, Chile)


Dress: Agy's Secret

Hairs: Vanity Hairs

jewelry: JCNY & Alienbear& Mandala

Photographer: The well crafted Magissa Denver

burg trifels prison of richard I. lionheart


Model: Caoimhe Lionheart

By: Me

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MODEL: Caoimhe Lionheart



When goldilocks met the three bears, it was as big as scare could be.

For she was asleep upon their beds, as full as full could be.

For she had eaten bowls of food and she had tried all three.

The first too hot, the second too cold but the third she likes with tea.

So naughty Goldi climbed the stairs to see what she could see,

and in a room there are three beds as fresh as it could be.

The first too soft, the second too hard but the third is perfect for me.

Woken by the three bears, she cried and run as fast as she can be.

Goldilocks and the three bears, Oh my! Oh dear! Oh me!


See what happened:



in your grasp i am still

After running around SL for material, I have been able to finish my project (actually projectssss). It is quite simple things, but rather decorative......


Two types of outdoor lamps and a boat chair with combined table-lamp... Aaaaand I just had to make a "Halloween chair" too.


Now we can start decorate the store any day...... which - by the way - opens the 13th this month ; )


Due to not make this account "Commercial", but You want to see my creations.... Look at :


Moment at home, Lionheart.

Closest landmark:


The Castle of Dürnstein in Austria. In 1192 Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned in this castle while returning from the Third Crusade. He was later passed over to Henry VI, the Holy Roman Emperor, who locked him in the Trifels Castle (present Germany). I visited Trifels a couple of years ago but wasn't really photographing then... Anyways, i hope you like the above photo:) Thanks to Bernhard for pointing me to this location!


Update: Yes, the sky is real, it is not photoshopped into the picture. Single long exposure, wide angle lens, dark gray filter.

Model:Caoimhe Lionheart


Model: Caoimhe Lionheart,

My beautiful friend!

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My Tarantino Dolls / Carley Benazzi - Mimmi Boa - Draakje Dailey - Caoimhe Lionheart - Natzuka Miliandrovic - Anna Sapphire - Vikeejeah Xevion


Picture/Natzuka Miliandrovic


thank you girls:**** love you!



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You are all cordially invited


HEC "Emily" Lace Lingerie Bodysuit Tintable: UNIVERSAL HUD

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Cosmetic Fair February round


Pose - PS

Lionheart: Kings' Crusade - Screenshot #40331

- "What do you see?"

- "I don´t know for sure..... it is like partly transparent, as looking on a ghost..... but more like a transparent beautiful wall or something."

- "At least it´s no ghost, I hope...... but I think I know what you see!"

- "What is it then?"

- "I think it is the door to my soul and heart..... which you´ve unlocked in this very minute......


A remake of the original:


Taken at Lionheart (Zira):


The charming town of Durnstein sits beside the Danube in the Wachau Valley, Austria. Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned in the hill-top castle in 1193, having been captured returning from the Third Crusade by Duke Leopold V of Austria, in Vienna.

Couture Rock Oceania Steampunk Full Outfit from the Dream of Steam Collection. Dream of Steam is a Collection based on a series of time travelers from different periods in time finding themselves in present day. This makes the items perfect for role-play but versatile enough to be worn in a modern way as well depending on your personal tastes.

Mizz Oceania escaped Atlantis before it sank in her Steampunk Seahorse to wash ashore in present day. The outfit comes with Mesh Coat, Skirt, Boots, Hat, Shirt, Jabot, Purse, Stockings, and Seahorse(can be flown,driven, or sailed).


Skin and Lipstick: The Sugar Garden(VIP Gifts)/Hair: D!va/Eyeshadow: Mons

Testing our new grill/bbq at the patio : )


Taken at our home, at the sim Lionheart (Zira):


This set is no longer available. It will be re-released , in a bit of a different form .... soooon. I am waiting for the new LAQ Dev kit.

This is the last appetizer, before the story begins....... : )


Taken at my home at Lionheart

Judy and Mervyn took us for a drive around the surrounding countryside. Mervyn was telling us about this majestic gate to an estate that he had seen and took Judy and I there for photos.


#386 on Explore on 6th January, 2009.

Medium: Digital Photo - Post work done with Corel Painter 2018 and Photoshop CS using a Wacom drawing tablet.


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Guess what!


Now at last, we are ready...... YAY. We have a brad new and comfortable bathroom, made all by ourselves! Some parts was a bit tricky, like when the pipes wasn´t really cooperative when we tried to connect them........ or when the mosaic floor didn´t want to dry. Well it was, but not as fast as we wanted it to do.


We worked rather concentrated all the time, except some moments of playfulness....... like painting each other....... and things like that......

When everything was done, and all the details were on place we could sit down for a while...... watching. We are content with the result, for sure. So now we have an opening of our oasis, just the two of us. Tomorrow I will share a couple of photos with the world.......


There was something Stella said, though........ "Think..... just think, if Baltazar would come back?". If you don´t remember it, Baltazar was my granddads brother. We inherited this property from him, though he has been gone for many years..... but actually, nobody really knows if he´s dead for sure.........


Good night Diary, now I going to be wet.....


Want to see the story from start? :


Taken at Lionheart:


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